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Roger Williams Invitational Wrestling Tournament

Wrestling Tournament
@ Campus Recreation Center Gym (Bristol, Rhode Island)
Friday-Saturday, November 15-16, 2019

Varsity (Level: Collegiate, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Bridgewater State University [MA], Castleton University [VT], Hunter College [NY], Johnson and Wales University [RI], King's College [PA], Naval Academy Preparatory School [RI], New York University [NY], Norwich University [VT], Plymouth State University [NH], Rhode Island College [RI], Rochester Institute of Technology [NY], Roger Williams University [RI], SUNY Cortland [NY], The College of New Jersey [NJ], University of New Hampshire [NH], University of Southern Maine [ME], Wesleyan University [CT]
Team Final
1. Johnson and Wales University [RI]  174 points
2. Castleton University [VT]  145
3. The College of New Jersey [NJ]  127.5
4. New York University [NY]  119.5
5. Naval Academy Preparatory School [RI]  103.5
6. Roger Williams University [RI]  86.5
7. Bridgewater State University [MA]  75.5
8. Rochester Institute of Technology [NY]  74
9. University of Southern Maine [ME]  71
10. SUNY Cortland [NY]  70
11. Wesleyan University [CT]  63
12. King's College [PA]  45.5
13. Hunter College [NY]  45
14. Rhode Island College [RI]  37.5
15. Norwich University [VT]  20.5
16. Plymouth State University [NH]  18.5
17. University of New Hampshire [NH]  5
Championship Final (1st)
125 lbs: Peter Del Gallo (University of Southern Maine [ME]) > Joey Valentino (Castleton University [VT]), FALL 1:42
133 lbs: Hayden Brown (Johnson and Wales University [RI]) > Jake Giordano (The College of New Jersey [NJ]), DEC 4-2
141 lbs: Robert Dinger (The College of New Jersey [NJ]) > Gabe Mcdaniel (Johnson and Wales University [RI]), DEC 6-5
149 lbs: Evan Drill (New York University [NY]) > Max Tempel (Castleton University [VT]), DEC 5-1
157 lbs: Sean Lyons (New York University [NY]) > Anthony Ulaszek (Naval Academy Preparatory School [RI]), DEC 8-6
165 lbs: Dempsey King (Rochester Institute of Technology [NY]) > Kaidon Winters (Rochester Institute of Technology [NY]), FFT 
174 lbs: Chance Lapier (Castleton University [VT]) > Izaake Zuckerman (New York University [NY]), DEC 10-8
184 lbs: David Key (Naval Academy Preparatory School [RI]) > Edwin Morales (Bridgewater State University [MA]), MD 13-2
197 lbs: Mitch Laflam (Castleton University [VT]) > Tommy Wrzesien (Johnson and Wales University [RI]), DEC 4-3
285 lbs: Michael Dinardo (Johnson and Wales University [RI]) > Ryan Higgins (Bridgewater State University [MA]), DEC 3-1
Consolation Final (3rd)
125 lbs: Gustav Petruske (King's College [PA]) > Christian Rivas (Johnson and Wales University [RI]), FALL 2:47
133 lbs: Domenic DiFrancescantonio (The College of New Jersey [NJ]) > Fred Eckles (Johnson and Wales University [RI]), DFLT 3:30
141 lbs: Travis Brown (Castleton University [VT]) > Nicholas Wagner (Roger Williams University [RI]), FALL 6:22
149 lbs: Marvin Cunningham (Johnson and Wales University [RI]) > Devin Woodworth (Naval Academy Preparatory School [RI]), FALL 5:41
157 lbs: Gianno Silba (SUNY Cortland [NY]) > Tyler Gazaway (Roger Williams University [RI]), FALL 0:54
165 lbs: Kade Loughney (New York University [NY]) > Michael Angers (Castleton University [VT]), DEC 8-4
174 lbs: Marco Gaita (Wesleyan University [CT]) > Demitreus Henry (SUNY Cortland [NY]), FFT 
184 lbs: Josh Smith (University of Southern Maine [ME]) > Nick Munsch (Johnson and Wales University [RI]), DEC 7-5
197 lbs: Thomas Anderson (The College of New Jersey [NJ]) > Anthony Burburija (Naval Academy Preparatory School [RI]), DEC 4-3
285 lbs: Tom Marretta (The College of New Jersey [NJ]) > Liridon Leka (Johnson and Wales University [RI]), DEC 7-2
Consolation Final (5th)
125 lbs: Chris Caban (Johnson and Wales University [RI]) > Wilson Gomes (Bridgewater State University [MA]), FFT 
133 lbs: Trent Furman (New York University [NY]) > Ryan Manahan (The College of New Jersey [NJ]), TF 20-5/6:01
141 lbs: Steven Schwab (The College of New Jersey [NJ]) > Mason Purvis (Naval Academy Preparatory School [RI]), FALL 4:48
149 lbs: Jack Kelly (Roger Williams University [RI]) > Jordan Robinson (Johnson and Wales University [RI]), FFT 
157 lbs: Michael Mirmina (Roger Williams University [RI]) > Brady Robin (Johnson and Wales University [RI]), FFT 
165 lbs: Roy Forys (Wesleyan University [CT]) > John Garda (The College of New Jersey [NJ]), FFT 
174 lbs: Joe Lupisella (Rochester Institute of Technology [NY]) > Daniel Kilroy (The College of New Jersey [NJ]), DFLT 2:18
184 lbs: Colby Giroux (Rochester Institute of Technology [NY]) > Daniel Surich (The College of New Jersey [NJ]), DEC 6-1
197 lbs: Quinn Haddad (The College of New Jersey [NJ]) > Serjey Thomas (Hunter College [NY]), FFT 
285 lbs: Deaquan Stuart (SUNY Cortland [NY]) > Dylan D'Amore (The College of New Jersey [NJ]), DEC 3-2

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