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Monroe County League JV Wrestling Championships

Wrestling Tournament
@ Webster Thomas High School (Webster, New York)
Friday-Saturday, January 25-26, 2019

Four Churchville-Chili wrestlers earned All-County honors over the two day tourney. Drew Hambley (99) is a runner-up, Tyler Jeffers (106) places third, Alexander Tomaszewski (113) places fourth and Jonathan Jeffers (145) finishes in fifth place. Shared by CCCSD Wrestling.

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Junior Varsity (Level: Scholastic, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Brighton [NY], Brockport [NY], Canandaigua [NY], Churchville-Chili [NY], East Irondequoit Eastridge [NY], Fairport [NY], Gates Chili [NY], Greece [NY], Hilton [NY], Honeoye Falls-Lima [NY], Irondequoit [NY], Penfield [NY], Pittsford [NY], Rush-Henrietta [NY], Spencerport [NY], Victor [NY], Webster Schroeder [NY], Webster Thomas [NY]
Team Final
No team scores reported.
Championship Final (1st)
99 lbs: Tyler Simons (Hilton [NY]) > Drew Hambley (Churchville-Chili [NY]), DEC 6-0
106 lbs: Ernest Jones (Rush-Henrietta [NY]) > Scott Karpovich (Pittsford [NY]), DEC 4-0
113 lbs: Aiden Smith (Webster Thomas [NY]) > Daniel Barraclough-Tan (Brighton [NY]), SV 5-3 (1OT)
120 lbs: Tevin Byfield (Brockport [NY]) > Matthew Frisa (Spencerport [NY]), FALL 1:26
126 lbs: Cosmo Lucania (Webster Schroeder [NY]) > Caleb Mesiti (Brockport [NY]), FALL 5:08
132 lbs: Mike Green (Penfield [NY]) > Grady McEvenly (Fairport [NY]), DEC 5-2
138 lbs: Adam LaFountain-Rowell (Spencerport [NY]) > Zach Sidare (Victor [NY]), MD 12-1
145 lbs: Tommy Wygal (Webster Thomas [NY]) > Owen Dalberth (Webster Thomas [NY]), DEC 4-2
152 lbs: Emanual Anderson (Penfield [NY]) > Jack Thomas (Greece [NY]), TF 19-2/time?
160 lbs: Jonathan Aina (Spencerport [NY]) > Christopher Olschewski (Webster Schroeder [NY]), FALL 5:31
170 lbs: Jahmere Hayes (East Irondequoit Eastridge [NY]) > Chris Chapman-Taylor (Canandaigua [NY]), FALL 2:40
182 lbs: Nathan Barrett (Webster Thomas [NY]) > Nicholas Smith (Brighton [NY]), FALL 3:24
195 lbs: Riley Kester (Honeoye Falls-Lima [NY]) > Ethan DelVecchio (Brockport [NY]), FALL 1:59
220 lbs: Zach Grover (Hilton [NY]) > Isaac Roberto (Pittsford [NY]), DEC 6-4
285 lbs: Arthur Holloway (East Irondequoit Eastridge [NY]) > Josh Ortiz (Rush-Henrietta [NY]), DEC 3-1
Consolation Final (3rd)
99 lbs: Brandon Tanner (Rush-Henrietta [NY]) > Tony Marcano (Victor [NY]), DEC 5-3
106 lbs: Tyler Jeffers (Churchville-Chili [NY]) > Austin Dillenbeck (Penfield [NY]), DEC 3-0
113 lbs: Ayyub Abdallah (Pittsford [NY]) > Alexander Tomaszewski (Churchville-Chili [NY]), DEC 8-4
120 lbs: Dillon English (Webster Thomas [NY]) > Casey Henwood (Penfield [NY]), FALL 3:48
126 lbs: Nick Fuhrmann (Canandaigua [NY]) > Tyler Ewing (Rush-Henrietta [NY]), MD 11-2
132 lbs: Shawn Hall (Rush-Henrietta [NY]) > James Cook (Pittsford [NY]), DEC 5-1
138 lbs: Nick Smith (Pittsford [NY]) > Elijah Acosta (Irondequoit [NY]), DEC 8-7
145 lbs: Nick Murray-Termine (Greece [NY]) > Joe VanSandt (Pittsford [NY]), FALL 1:45
152 lbs: Julian Dietz (Webster Schroeder [NY]) > Blake Cellura (Greece [NY]), FALL 2:38
160 lbs: Steven Zielke (Webster Thomas [NY]) > Ryan Coughlin (Greece [NY]), DEC 4-2
170 lbs: Fuat Kara (Webster Schroeder [NY]) > Declan Hayes (Irondequoit [NY]), DEC 7-1
182 lbs: Trevor Leisten (Penfield [NY]) > Al Rosenbaum (Pittsford [NY]), DEC 8-4
195 lbs: Angel Alicea-Morales (Webster Schroeder [NY]) > Josh Rodriguez (Rush-Henrietta [NY]), FALL 1:28
220 lbs: Dan Chatman (Brockport [NY]) > Eshak Basta (Greece [NY]), DEC 10-3
285 lbs: Mike Throumoulos (Webster Thomas [NY]) > Jeremiah Fryer (East Irondequoit Eastridge [NY]), FALL 1:34
Consolation Final (5th)
99 lbs: Dom Attardi (Victor [NY]) > Aiden Dietz (Webster Schroeder [NY]), DEC 8-3
106 lbs: Jacob Renwick (Spencerport [NY]) > Austin Davis (Brockport [NY]), DEC 1-0
113 lbs: Sam Orozco (Greece [NY]) > Cameron Tripphahn (Rush-Henrietta [NY]), DEC 8-4
120 lbs: Andrew Bovenzi (Honeoye Falls-Lima [NY]) > Angelo Marcello (Hilton [NY]), DEC 5-3
126 lbs: Jaden Barnwell (Webster Thomas [NY]) > Ethan George (Spencerport [NY]), MD 10-2
132 lbs: Othman Damlakhi (Canandaigua [NY]) > Matt McLaughlin (Penfield [NY]), DEC 5-2
138 lbs: Matt Braun (Victor [NY]) > Tyler Vandermark (Webster Thomas [NY]), DEC 3-0
145 lbs: Jonathan Jeffers (Churchville-Chili [NY]) > Ricky Foster (Hilton [NY]), DEC 8-1
152 lbs: Lukas Holbrook (Victor [NY]) > Declan Shafer (Irondequoit [NY]), FALL 2:03
160 lbs: Nathan Weidel (Penfield [NY]) > Elias Putney (Brighton [NY]), DFLT time?
170 lbs: Nate Coon (Webster Thomas [NY]) > Josiah Mora (Gates Chili [NY]), FALL 1:45
182 lbs: Robert Slowe (Canandaigua [NY]) > Dan Ramich (Fairport [NY]), DEC 6-3
195 lbs: Kyla Green (Greece [NY]), NA 
220 lbs: Buen Rivera (Webster Schroeder [NY]) > Sebastian Hariram (Brighton [NY]), FALL 1:25
285 lbs: William Czora (Honeoye Falls-Lima [NY]) > Dalton Stevens (Greece [NY]), DEC 1-0

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