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Southern Scuffle

Wrestling Tournament
@ McKenzie Arena (Chattanooga, Tennessee)
Wednesday-Thursday, January 1-2, 2020

Lou DePrez #1
Lou DePrez #1
Binghamton's #6 Lou DePrez (Hilton, NY) won the 184-pound weight class at the Southern Scuffle by defeating #2 Trent Hidlay of North Carolina State. Shared by Binghamton Wrestling.

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Lou DePrez #1

Varsity (Level: Collegiate, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Appalachian State University [NC], Binghamton University [NY], California State University, Bakersfield [CA], Campbell University [NC], Cleveland State University [OH], Drexel University [PA], Finger Lakes Wrestling Club [NY], George Mason University [VA], Iowa State University [IA], Lehigh University [PA], Lock Haven University [PA], Naval Academy Preparatory School [RI], North Carolina State University [NC], North Dakota State University [ND], Oklahoma State University [OK], Old Dominion University [VA], Oregon State University [OR], Pennsylvania State University [PA], Rider University [NJ], Rutgers University [NJ], Stanford University [CA], U.S. Naval Academy [MD], University of Northern Colorado [CO], University of Pittsburgh [PA], University of Tennessee at Chattanooga [TN], Virginia Military Institute [VA], Virginia Tech [VA], West Virginia University [WV]
Team Final
No team scores reported.
Award Winners
Outstanding Wrestler Award: Noah Adams (West Virginia University [WV], 197 lbs)
Championship Final (1st)
125 lbs: Nick Piccininni (Oklahoma State University [OK]) > Luke Werner (Lock Haven University [PA]), MD 10-0
133 lbs: Sammy Alvarez (Rutgers University [NJ]) > Cam Sykora (North Dakota State University [ND]), DEC 5-4
141 lbs: Real Woods (Stanford University [CA]) > Kaden Gfeller (Oklahoma State University [OK]), DEC 6-1
149 lbs: Jaden Abas (Stanford University [CA]) > Andrew Alirez (University of Northern Colorado [CO]), DEC 3-2
157 lbs: Hayden Hidlay (North Carolina State University [NC]) > Jesse Dellavecchia (Rider University [NJ]), MD 10-0
165 lbs: Shane Griffith (Stanford University [CA]) > Tanner Skidgel (U.S. Naval Academy [MD]), DEC 2-1
174 lbs: Carter Starocci (Pennsylvania State University [PA]) > Gregg Harvey (University of Pittsburgh [PA]), DEC 11-6
184 lbs: Lou Deprez (Binghamton University [NY]) > Trent Hidlay (North Carolina State University [NC]), DEC 3-2
197 lbs: Noah Adams (West Virginia University [WV]) > Nathan Traxler (Stanford University [CA]), FALL 2:22
285 lbs: Gannon Gremmel (Iowa State University [IA]) > Dalton Robertson (University of Northern Colorado [CO]), DFLT 1:14
Consolation Final (3rd)
125 lbs: Sam Latona (Virginia Tech [VA]) > Logan Treaster (U.S. Naval Academy [MD]), DEC 2-1
133 lbs: Micky Phillippi (University of Pittsburgh [PA]) > Kai Orine (North Carolina State University [NC]), MD 10-1
141 lbs: Dusty Hone (Oklahoma State University [OK]) > Kyle Shoop (Lock Haven University [PA]), DEC 3-1
149 lbs: Colston Diblasi (George Mason University [VA]) > F Jonathan Milner (Appalachian State University [NC]), FALL 4:26
157 lbs: Wyatt Sheets (Oklahoma State University [OK]) > Matt Zovistoski (Appalachian State University [NC]), DEC 3-1
165 lbs: Travis Wittlake (Oklahoma State University [OK]) > Thomas Bullard (North Carolina State University [NC]), DEC 9-3
174 lbs: Daniel Bullard (North Carolina State University [NC]) > Chris Foca (Finger Lakes Wrestling Club [NY]), DEC 4-2
184 lbs: Nino Bonaccorsi (University of Pittsburgh [PA]) > Matthew Waddell (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga [TN]), MD 13-1
197 lbs: Ethan Laird (Rider University [NJ]) > Michael Beard (Pennsylvania State University [PA]), DEC 9-7
285 lbs: Demetrius Thomas (University of Pittsburgh [PA]) > Brandon Metz (North Dakota State University [ND]), DEC 6-0
Consolation Final (5th)
125 lbs: Caleb Smith (Appalachian State University [NC]) > Michael Mcgee (Old Dominion University [VA]), FFT 
133 lbs: Cole Manley (Lock Haven University [PA]) > Devan Turner (Oregon State University [OR]), DEC 7-4
141 lbs: Alex Madrigal (George Mason University [VA]) > Angelo Martinoni (California State University, Bakersfield [CA]), TF 16-0/4:36
149 lbs: Tanner Smith (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga [TN]) > Requir van der Merwe (Stanford University [CA]), FFT 
157 lbs: Luke Weber (North Dakota State University [ND]) > Hunter Willits (Oregon State University [OR]), DEC 3-0
165 lbs: Joe Lee (Pennsylvania State University [PA]) > Jake Wentzel (University of Pittsburgh [PA]), DEC 10-3
174 lbs: Neal Richards (Virginia Military Institute [VA]) > Dean Sherry (Rider University [NJ]), DEC 7-6
184 lbs: David Key (Naval Academy Preparatory School [RI]) > Anthony Montalvo (Oklahoma State University [OK]), FFT 
197 lbs: Dakota Geer (Oklahoma State University [OK]) > Jacob Cardenas (Finger Lakes Wrestling Club [NY]), DEC 7-3
285 lbs: Lewis Fernandes (Finger Lakes Wrestling Club [NY]) > Cary Miller (Appalachian State University [NC]), DEC 9-3
Consolation Final (7th)
125 lbs: Sean Carter (Appalachian State University [NC]) > Nicolas Aguilar (Rutgers University [NJ]), DEC 3-2
133 lbs: Mosha Schwartz (University of Northern Colorado [CO]) > Casey Cobb (U.S. Naval Academy [MD]), DEC 6-4
141 lbs: Evan Cheek (Cleveland State University [OH]) > Tariq Wilson (North Carolina State University [NC]), FFT 
149 lbs: Jason Kraisser (Campbell University [NC]) > Jaden Van (North Dakota State University [ND]), DEC 7-5
157 lbs: Jared Franek (North Dakota State University [ND]) > Mike Van Brill (Rutgers University [NJ]), DEC 7-2
165 lbs: Brett Donner (Rutgers University [NJ]) > Ebed Jarrell (Drexel University [PA]), FFT 
174 lbs: Thomas Flitz (Appalachian State University [NC]) > Jake Logan (Lehigh University [PA]), DEC 6-5
184 lbs: Alan Clothier (University of Northern Colorado [CO]) > Colt Doyle (Oregon State University [OR]), MD 11-2
197 lbs: Jordan Pagano (Rutgers University [NJ]) > Nick Reenan (North Carolina State University [NC]), FFT 
285 lbs: Deonte Wilson (North Carolina State University [NC]) > Dan Stibral (North Dakota State University [ND]), DEC 7-2

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