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The 36th Annual Cliff Keen Las Vegas Collegiate Wrestling Invitational

Wrestling Tournament
@ Las Vegas Convention Center (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Friday-Saturday, December 1-2, 2017

141 Pounds
141 Pounds
Cornell's Yianni D stands atop the 141-pound podium. Shared by Cornell Wrestling.

Album: General

141 Pounds

Varsity (Level: Collegiate, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
American University [DC], Arizona State University [AZ], Binghamton University [NY], Bloomsburg University [PA], Bucknell University [PA], California State University, Bakersfield [CA], Campbell University [NC], Central Michigan University [MI], Clarion [PA], Cornell University [NY], Delaware Valley University [PA], Drexel University [PA], Duke University [NC], East Stroudsburg University [PA], Edinboro University [PA], Finger Lakes Wrestling Club [NY], Franklin & Marshall College [PA], George Mason University [VA], Harvard University [MA], Iowa State University [IA], Kutztown University [PA], Lehigh University [PA], Lock Haven University [PA], Nassau Community College [NY], North Dakota State University [ND], Northern Colorado University [CO], Ohio State University [OH], Purdue University [IN], Rowan College at Gloucester County [NJ], Stanford University [CA], U.S. Military Academy (Army) [NY], U.S. Military Academy Prep School [NY], U.S. Naval Academy (Navy) [MD], University of Maryland, College Park [MD], University of Michigan [MI], University of Minnesota, Twin Cities [MN], University of Nebraska [NB], University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill [NC], University of Northern Iowa [IA], University of Oklahoma [OK], University of Pittsburgh [PA], University of Virginia [VA], University of Wisconsin-Madison [WI], University of Wyoming [WY], Utah Valley University [UT], Virginia Tech [VA], West Virginia University [WV]
Team Final
No team scores reported.
Award Winners
Outstanding Wrestler Award: Zahid Valencia (Arizona State University [AZ], 174 lbs)
Championship Final (1st)
125 lbs: Taylor Lamont (Utah Valley University [UT]) > Sean Russell (Edinboro University [PA]), DEC 4-3
133 lbs: Luke Pletcher (Ohio State University [OH]) > Josh Terao (American University [DC]), DEC 9-2
141 lbs: Yianni Diakomihalis (Cornell University [NY]) > Josh Alber (University of Northern Iowa [IA]), DEC 8-2
149 lbs: Justin Oliver (Central Michigan University [MI]) > Troy Heilmann (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill [NC]), DEC 9-7
157 lbs: Alec Pantaleo (University of Michigan [MI]) > Micah Jordan (Ohio State University [OH]), DEC 10-3
165 lbs: David Mcfadden (Virginia Tech [VA]) > Evan Wick (University of Wisconsin-Madison [WI]), FALL 2:58
174 lbs: Zahid Valencia (Arizona State University [AZ]) > Bo Jordan (Ohio State University [OH]), DEC 9-6
184 lbs: Myles Martin (Ohio State University [OH]) > Domenic Abounader (University of Michigan [MI]), DEC 8-5
197 lbs: Kollin Moore (Ohio State University [OH]) > Jared Haught (Virginia Tech [VA]), FALL 1:52
285 lbs: Adam Coon (University of Michigan [MI]) > Tanner Hall (Arizona State University [AZ]), SV 4-2 (1OT)
Consolation Final (3rd)
125 lbs: Ethan Lizak (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities [MN]) > Drew Mattin (University of Michigan [MI]), MD 9-0
133 lbs: Jack Mueller (University of Virginia [VA]) > Austin Desanto (Drexel University [PA]), DEC 7-0
141 lbs: Bryce Meredith (University of Wyoming [WY]) > Chad Red (University of Nebraska [NB]), DEC 5-3
149 lbs: Ke-shawn Hayes (Ohio State University [OH]) > Max Thomsen (University of Northern Iowa [IA]), DEC 4-3
157 lbs: Josh Shields (Arizona State University [AZ]) > Tyler Berger (University of Nebraska [NB]), DEC 6-4
165 lbs: Isaiah White (University of Nebraska [NB]) > Te'shan Campbell (Ohio State University [OH]), DEC 4-1
174 lbs: Myles Amine (University of Michigan [MI]) > Taylor Lujan (University of Northern Iowa [IA]), DEC 11-9
184 lbs: Taylor Venz (University of Nebraska [NB]) > Zack Zavatsky (Virginia Tech [VA]), DEC 9-3
197 lbs: Jeric Kasunic (American University [DC]) > Jacob Holschlag (University of Northern Iowa [IA]), DEC 5-2
285 lbs: Jacob Kasper (Duke University [NC]) > Nathan Butler (Stanford University [CA]), DEC 3-1
Consolation Final (5th)
125 lbs: Jacob Schwarm (University of Northern Iowa [IA]) > Connor Schram (Stanford University [CA]), DFLT time?
133 lbs: Stevan Micic (University of Michigan [MI]) > Korbin Myers (Edinboro University [PA]), DEC 8-2
141 lbs: Mason Smith (Central Michigan University [MI]) > Nick Zanetta (University of Pittsburgh [PA]), FFT 
149 lbs: Josh Maruca (Arizona State University [AZ]) > Colton McCrystal (University of Nebraska [NB]), FFT 
157 lbs: Archie Colgan (University of Wyoming [WY]) > Coleman Hammond (California State University, Bakersfield [CA]), DEC 6-4
165 lbs: Andrew Fogarty (North Dakota State University [ND]) > Nick Wanzek (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities [MN]), FFT 
174 lbs: Jadaen Bernstein (U.S. Naval Academy (Navy) [MD]) > Keaton Subjeck (Stanford University [CA]), DEC 7-5
184 lbs: Ricky Robertson (University of Wisconsin-Madison [WI]) > Steven Schneider (Binghamton University [NY]), DEC 5-2
197 lbs: Matt Williams (California State University, Bakersfield [CA]) > Stephen Loiseau (Drexel University [PA]), DEC 7-0
285 lbs: Shawn Streck (Purdue University [IN]) > Ryan Solomon (University of Pittsburgh [PA]), FALL 0:33
Consolation Final (7th)
125 lbs: Louie Hayes (University of Virginia [VA]) > Christian Moody (University of Oklahoma [OK]), DEC 6-5
133 lbs: Dom Forys (University of Pittsburgh [PA]) > Zach Sherman (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill [NC]), MD 15-3
141 lbs: Thomas Thorn (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities [MN]) > Kanen Storr (Iowa State University [IA]), FALL 2:36
149 lbs: Zander Wick (University of Wisconsin-Madison [WI]) > Michael Sprague (American University [DC]), DEC 7-5
157 lbs: Taleb Rahmani (University of Pittsburgh [PA]) > Tristan Rifanburg (Binghamton University [NY]), FALL 2:04
165 lbs: Anthony Valencia (Arizona State University [AZ]) > Jon Jay Chavez (Cornell University [NY]), MD 16-7
174 lbs: Yoanse Mejias (University of Oklahoma [OK]) > Dylan Lydy (Purdue University [IN]), DEC 6-5
184 lbs: Drew Foster (University of Northern Iowa [IA]) > Jordan Ellingwood (Central Michigan University [MI]), DEC 3-1
197 lbs: Nathan Traxler (Stanford University [CA]) > Jacob Seely (Northern Colorado University [CO]), FFT 
285 lbs: Andrew Dunn (Virginia Tech [VA]) > Jeramy Sweany (Cornell University [NY]), MD 14-6

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