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52nd Annual RIT Wrestling Invitational

Wrestling Tournament
@ Clark Gym, RIT (Rochester, New York)
Saturday, December 2, 2017

Varsity (Level: Collegiate, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Case Western Reserve University [OH], John Carroll University [OH], Lycoming College [PA], Norwich University [VT], Rochester Institute of Technology [NY], SUNY Oneonta [NY], SUNY Oswego [NY], Thiel College [PA], University of Scranton [PA], Wesleyan University [CT], Worcester Polytechnic Institute [MA]
Team Final
1. Worcester Polytechnic Institute [MA]  150.5 points
2. Wesleyan University [CT]  113
3. SUNY Oneonta [NY]  111
4. John Carroll University [OH]  109.5
5. Rochester Institute of Technology [NY]  99
6. University of Scranton [PA]  92
7. Lycoming College [PA]  79
8. SUNY Oswego [NY]  66
9. Case Western Reserve University [OH]  60
10. Norwich University [VT]  44.5
11. Thiel College [PA]  10.5
Award Winners
Outstanding Wrestler Award: Isaiah Bellamy (Wesleyan University [CT], 285 lbs)
149 lbs: 6. James Matias (Wesleyan University [CT])
  6. Tyler Brazinski (SUNY Oneonta [NY])
Championship Final (1st)
125 lbs: Zack Murillo (Wesleyan University [CT]) > Hunter Howland (SUNY Oswego [NY]), DEC 7-6
133 lbs: Kevin Knox (SUNY Oneonta [NY]) > Stephen Jendritz (Worcester Polytechnic Institute [MA]), DEC 5-3
141 lbs: Jarrod Brezovec (John Carroll University [OH]) > Austin Sisco (SUNY Oneonta [NY]), FALL 2:28
149 lbs: Trevor Corl (Lycoming College [PA]) > Zach Stedeford (Rochester Institute of Technology [NY]), FALL 1:25
157 lbs: Tyler Marsh (Worcester Polytechnic Institute [MA]) > Kaidon Winters (Rochester Institute of Technology [NY]), MD 9-1
165 lbs: Brendan Marion (Worcester Polytechnic Institute [MA]) > Andrew Gombas (University of Scranton [PA]), FALL 0:52
174 lbs: Brandon Conrad (Lycoming College [PA]) > Troy Seymour (SUNY Oswego [NY]), DEC 6-3
184 lbs: Joe Cutugno (Rochester Institute of Technology [NY]) > Dan Wensley (Worcester Polytechnic Institute [MA]), DEC 5-2
197 lbs: Devon Carrillo (Wesleyan University [CT]) > Michael Curtis (Worcester Polytechnic Institute [MA]), DEC 5-2
285 lbs: Isaiah Bellamy (Wesleyan University [CT]) > James Bethel (SUNY Oneonta [NY]), FALL 4:17
Consolation Final (3rd)
125 lbs: Amir Daouk (Wesleyan University [CT]) > Ben Zogby (Worcester Polytechnic Institute [MA]), DEC 4-2
133 lbs: Mitch Tikkanen (John Carroll University [OH]) > Nick Depierro (University of Scranton [PA]), DEC 5-3
141 lbs: Nick Ciacci (University of Scranton [PA]) > Andrew Ellis (Worcester Polytechnic Institute [MA]), FALL 4:00
149 lbs: Carter Armendarez (Wesleyan University [CT]) > Peter Nash (Worcester Polytechnic Institute [MA]), DEC 9-3
157 lbs: John Sheedy (University of Scranton [PA]) > Austin Victor (John Carroll University [OH]), DEC 6-5
165 lbs: Chase Lind (Worcester Polytechnic Institute [MA]) > Vittorio Santillo (John Carroll University [OH]), DEC 10-4
174 lbs: Blake Dixon (John Carroll University [OH]) > Ryan Marszal (SUNY Oneonta [NY]), DEC 6-5
184 lbs: Dan D'Agostini (University of Scranton [PA]) > Simon Chee (Wesleyan University [CT]), DEC 3-2
197 lbs: Peter Pjetri (SUNY Oneonta [NY]) > John Szep (John Carroll University [OH]), DEC 5-3
285 lbs: Garrett Wesneski (Lycoming College [PA]) > Kade Andrews (SUNY Oswego [NY]), FALL 5:22
Consolation Final (5th)
125 lbs: Alex Prunoske (Rochester Institute of Technology [NY]) > Alec Hoover (Case Western Reserve University [OH]), DEC 7-3
133 lbs: Jacob Forsman (Norwich University [VT]) > Jacob Frisch (Case Western Reserve University [OH]), MD 15-4
141 lbs: Dean Raymond (SUNY Oneonta [NY]) > Justin DeLucia (SUNY Oswego [NY]), FALL 1:04
157 lbs: Daniel Novak (John Carroll University [OH]) > Edward Pierce (Wesleyan University [CT]), FFT 
165 lbs: Kevin Merle (University of Scranton [PA]) > Adam Green (Rochester Institute of Technology [NY]), DEC 7-5
174 lbs: Tom McNulty (John Carroll University [OH]) > Trevor Snow (Rochester Institute of Technology [NY]), TF 18-3/time?
184 lbs: Lantze Lange (SUNY Oneonta [NY]) > Jimmy Suhayda (John Carroll University [OH]), TB score? (1OT)
197 lbs: Matt Cicco (Rochester Institute of Technology [NY]) > Michael Hughes (Case Western Reserve University [OH]), FFT 
285 lbs: Austin Shrewsbury (Worcester Polytechnic Institute [MA]) > Nate Lewis (Case Western Reserve University [OH]), RULE 

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