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52nd Annual Monsignor Martin All-Catholic Wrestling Championships

Wrestling Tournament
@ St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute (Buffalo, New York)
Sunday, February 4, 2018

195 Pounds
195 Pounds
Nolan Thomas of St. Francis, 39-2 on the year, won the 195-pound weight class and was voted MMHSAA Wrestler of the Year. Shared by St. Francis Wrestling.

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195 Pounds

Varsity (Level: Scholastic, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Canisius [NY], Gow [NY], St. Francis [NY], St. Joseph's [NY], St. Mary's of Lancaster [NY]
Team Final
1. St. Joseph's [NY]  234 points
2. St. Francis [NY]  197
3. Canisius [NY]  156
4. St. Mary's of Lancaster [NY]  73
5. Gow [NY]  16
Award Winners
Aggregate Pin Award: Jack Carey (St. Joseph's [NY], 113 lbs)
Fastest Pin Award: Josh Kracker (Canisius [NY], 113 lbs)
Outstanding Wrestler Award: Ty Slaugenhoupt (St. Joseph's [NY], 160 lbs)
Championship Final (1st)
99 lbs: Mark Lanning (St. Francis [NY]) > Liam Regan (St. Mary's of Lancaster [NY]), DEC 14-10
106 lbs: Logan Lauck (St. Francis [NY]) > Dalas Jackson (St. Joseph's [NY]), FALL 3:40
113 lbs: Josh Kracker (Canisius [NY]) > Zachary Miller (St. Francis [NY]), DEC 6-2
120 lbs: Samuel Baker (St. Joseph's [NY]) > Max Carrier (Gow [NY]), TF 17-0/6:00
126 lbs: Garrett Grenauer (St. Joseph's [NY]) > Brandon Fox (St. Francis [NY]), DEC 5-0
132 lbs: Slade Merk (St. Francis [NY]) > Ben Parish (St. Joseph's [NY]), DEC 5-4
138 lbs: Ronnie Jones (St. Joseph's [NY]) > Tim Abate (Canisius [NY]), DEC 9-5
145 lbs: Justin Gill (Canisius [NY]) > Daniel Browning (St. Francis [NY]), DEC 9-3
152 lbs: Connor Miller (St. Francis [NY]) > Matt Baldwin (Canisius [NY]), DEC 9-3
160 lbs: Ty Slaugenhoupt (St. Joseph's [NY]) > Marcus Muffoletto (St. Francis [NY]), DEC 5-2
170 lbs: Dominik Thomas (St. Francis [NY]) > Sullivan Walsh (St. Joseph's [NY]), MD 9-1
182 lbs: Matthew Werts (St. Joseph's [NY]) > Benjamin Jacobs (St. Francis [NY]), FALL 2:36
195 lbs: Nolan Thomas (St. Francis [NY]) > Melique Straker (St. Francis [NY]), FALL 3:34
220 lbs: Jack Lauer (St. Francis [NY]) > Charles Morrison (St. Joseph's [NY]), DEC 5-2
285 lbs: Caleb Lesswing (St. Joseph's [NY]) > Eric Schon (St. Francis [NY]), TB 2-1 (2OT)
Consolation Final (3rd)
99 lbs: Matt Talty (Canisius [NY]) > Noah Rockensuess (Canisius [NY]), FALL 4:05
113 lbs: Jack Carey (St. Joseph's [NY]) > Michael Jarosz (St. Joseph's [NY]), FALL 0:45
120 lbs: Nick Mecca (Canisius [NY]) > Matthew Ash (St. Mary's of Lancaster [NY]), MD 12-3
126 lbs: Caleb Librock (Canisius [NY]) > Mark Westner (St. Joseph's [NY]), DEC 5-1
132 lbs: Ethan Craddock (St. Mary's of Lancaster [NY]), NA 
138 lbs: Chris Werts (St. Joseph's [NY]) > Josh Weiss (St. Mary's of Lancaster [NY]), DEC 6-4
145 lbs: Jacob Perez (Canisius [NY]) > Sean O'Meara (St. Francis [NY]), DEC 6-4
152 lbs: Jake Fay (St. Mary's of Lancaster [NY]) > Mark Craft (St. Joseph's [NY]), DEC 7-0
160 lbs: Eoin O'Grady (St. Joseph's [NY]) > Dan Karl (Canisius [NY]), FALL 3:54
170 lbs: Thomas Blackwell (Canisius [NY]) > Noah Hilliard (St. Joseph's [NY]), FALL 1:46
182 lbs: Jackson Hudecki (St. Joseph's [NY]) > Nick Levea (St. Mary's of Lancaster [NY]), FALL 2:01
195 lbs: Alex Rizun (St. Joseph's [NY]) > Evan Chesko (St. Joseph's [NY]), FALL 2:21
220 lbs: Collin Monteleone (Canisius [NY]) > Jack Fitzgerald (St. Joseph's [NY]), FALL 4:22
285 lbs: Thomas Moss (St. Mary's of Lancaster [NY]), NA 
Consolation Final (5th)
99 lbs: Julian Reynoso (St. Joseph's [NY]), NA 
113 lbs: Tyler Cruz (St. Mary's of Lancaster [NY]) > Jiayun Li (Canisius [NY]), DEC 7-0
120 lbs: Michael Measer (St. Mary's of Lancaster [NY]) > Pat Notaro (Canisius [NY]), FALL 3:07
126 lbs: Jackson Alagna (St. Joseph's [NY]) > Zach Ash (St. Mary's of Lancaster [NY]), FALL 4:07
138 lbs: Barry Colby (Canisius [NY]) > Matt Macdonald (St. Mary's of Lancaster [NY]), FALL 1:31
145 lbs: Tom Blum (St. Mary's of Lancaster [NY]) > Samuel Mickel (St. Mary's of Lancaster [NY]), FALL 2:20
152 lbs: Austin Walsh (St. Mary's of Lancaster [NY]) > Jack Buckley (Gow [NY]), FALL 2:15
160 lbs: Nicholas Valentino (St. Joseph's [NY]), NA 
170 lbs: Chris Kobis (St. Mary's of Lancaster [NY]) > Cameron Bell (St. Joseph's [NY]), FALL 2:10
182 lbs: Aidan Wright (St. Joseph's [NY]), NA 
220 lbs: Joe Flading (St. Mary's of Lancaster [NY]) > Luke Mulligan (Gow [NY]), FALL 0:20

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