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New Standard Corporation Wrestling Invitational

Wrestling Tournament
@ M&T Bank Fieldhouse, York College (York, Pennsylvania)
Saturday, December 2, 2017

Team Champions
Team Champions
Johnson and Wales won the 2017 New Standard team title. Shared by JMU wrestling.

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Team Champions

Varsity (Level: Collegiate, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Averett University [VA], Baldwin Wallace University [OH], Delaware Valley College [PA], Elizabethtown College [PA], Ferrum College [VA], Ithaca College [NY], Johns Hopkins University [MD], Johnson and Wales University [RI], North Central College [IL], Roger Williams University [RI], Stevens Institute of Technology [NJ], SUNY Brockport [NY], SUNY Cortland [NY], The College of New Jersey [NJ], U.S. Merchant Marine Academy [NY], Williams College [MA], York College [PA]
Team Final
1. Johnson and Wales University [RI]  141.5 points
2. Ithaca College [NY]  135.5
3. Baldwin Wallace University [OH]  130.5
4. North Central College [IL]  88
5. York College [PA]  71.5
6. Ferrum College [VA]  69
7. SUNY Brockport [NY]  64.5
8. Stevens Institute of Technology [NJ]  58
9. Roger Williams University [RI]  56
10. Johns Hopkins University [MD]  46
11. The College of New Jersey [NJ]  43.5
12. Williams College [MA]  41
13. U.S. Merchant Marine Academy [NY]  29
14. SUNY Cortland [NY]  28.5
15. Elizabethtown College [PA]  25.5
16. Delaware Valley College [PA]  14.5
17. Averett University [VA]  5.5
Award Winners
Outstanding Wrestler Award: Brett Kaliner (Stevens Institute of Technology [NJ], 141 lbs)
125 lbs: 6. Josh Antoine (SUNY Cortland [NY])
  6. Chad Craft (Baldwin Wallace University [OH])
133 lbs: 4. Anthony Rua (The College of New Jersey [NJ])
  4. Dante Ginnetti (Baldwin Wallace University [OH])
  6. Dillon Stowell (SUNY Brockport [NY])
  6. Charlie Nash (Baldwin Wallace University [OH])
141 lbs: 6. Joseph Rossetti (Williams College [MA])
  6. Nate Walker (SUNY Brockport [NY])
149 lbs: 6. Dylan Van Sickell (Stevens Institute of Technology [NJ])
  6. Sean Peacock (SUNY Brockport [NY])
157 lbs: 4. Egan Berta (North Central College [IL])
  4. Brendon Seyfried (Williams College [MA])
165 lbs: 6. Jackson Drum (York College [PA])
  6. Benjamin Hooff (Baldwin Wallace University [OH])
174 lbs: 6. Joshua Glantzman (U.S. Merchant Marine Academy [NY])
  6. Pete Hilburn (Roger Williams University [RI])
184 lbs: 6. Thaddus Jeffries (SUNY Brockport [NY])
  6. Zeckary Lehman (Baldwin Wallace University [OH])
Championship Final (1st)
125 lbs: Bobby Jordan (Johnson and Wales University [RI]) > Christopher Doyle (Baldwin Wallace University [OH]), DEC 7-5
133 lbs: Jay Albis (Johnson and Wales University [RI]) > Rick Cavallo (Johns Hopkins University [MD]), DEC 7-1
141 lbs: Brett Kaliner (Stevens Institute of Technology [NJ]) > Joe Ferinde (Johnson and Wales University [RI]), DEC 7-4
149 lbs: Gregory Warner (York College [PA]) > Rafael Roman (North Central College [IL]), DEC 12-6
157 lbs: Zach Wilhelm (Stevens Institute of Technology [NJ]) > Austin Whitney (Ithaca College [NY]), DEC 5-0
165 lbs: Anthony Arroyo (Baldwin Wallace University [OH]) > Taylor Shay (Roger Williams University [RI]), FALL 6:04
174 lbs: Michael Gargano (Johnson and Wales University [RI]) > Jaison White (Ithaca College [NY]), DEC 1-0
184 lbs: Jake Ashcraft (Ithaca College [NY]) > Khamri Thomas (Johnson and Wales University [RI]), FALL 4:25
197 lbs: Michael Dinardo (Johnson and Wales University [RI]) > Tyler Vittal (North Central College [IL]), FALL 4:27
285 lbs: Jake O'Brien (Ithaca College [NY]) > Jonah Aurelio (Johnson and Wales University [RI]), MD 12-1
Consolation Final (3rd)
125 lbs: Ferdinand Mase (Ithaca College [NY]) > Christian Wellman (Baldwin Wallace University [OH]), MD 12-1
133 lbs: DOUBLE FFT
141 lbs: Joao Vicente (Johnson and Wales University [RI]) > Anthony Rink (North Central College [IL]), DEC 7-6
149 lbs: Sam Schneider (Ithaca College [NY]) > Collin Saunders (Ferrum College [VA]), MD 14-6
157 lbs: DOUBLE FFT
165 lbs: Andrew Tolbert (Ferrum College [VA]) > Alec Corrao (Ithaca College [NY]), DEC 8-5
174 lbs: Matt Marcotte (North Central College [IL]) > Justin Ransom (Baldwin Wallace University [OH]), DEC 4-1
184 lbs: Zack Shaffer (Ferrum College [VA]) > Francis Krauss (York College [PA]), DEC 11-5
197 lbs: DOUBLE FFT
Consolation Final (5th)
125 lbs: DOUBLE FFT
133 lbs: DOUBLE FFT
141 lbs: DOUBLE FFT
149 lbs: DOUBLE FFT
157 lbs: Anthony Gagliano (The College of New Jersey [NJ]) > Richard Burke (Baldwin Wallace University [OH]), FFT 
165 lbs: DOUBLE FFT
174 lbs: DOUBLE FFT
184 lbs: DOUBLE FFT
197 lbs: Rocco Hladney (Elizabethtown College [PA]) > Triston Engle (SUNY Brockport [NY]), FFT 
285 lbs: John Shorter (York College [PA]) > Stefanos Karpontinis (York College [PA]), FFT 

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