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NCCC Thunder Wolves Open

Wrestling Tournament
@ Niagara County Community College (Sanborn, New York)
Saturday, December 2, 2017

Varsity (Level: Collegiate, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Alfred State College [NY], Binghamton University [NY], Henry Ford College [MI], Jamestown Community College [NY], Mercyhurst College, North East [PA], Muskegon Community College [MI], Niagara County Community College [NY], Penn State Dubois [PA], Penn State Fayette [PA], Rochester Institute of Technology [NY], Spartanburg Methodist College [SC], SUNY Brockport [NY], Unattached [MA], University at Albany [NY], University at Buffalo [NY], University of Massachusetts, Amherst [MA]
Team Final
No team scores reported.
Championship Final (1st)
125 lbs: Justin Patrick (University at Buffalo [NY]) > Matt Genau (Niagara County Community College [NY]), TF 17-0/time?
133 lbs: Freddy Eckles (Niagara County Community College [NY]) > Santos Alvarez (Henry Ford College [MI]), MD 15-4
141 lbs: Blake Retell (University at Buffalo [NY]) > Aaron Mylan (Penn State Fayette [PA]), MD 12-0
149 lbs: Dren Bratrum (Muskegon Community College [MI]) > Aaron Fountain (Spartanburg Methodist College [SC]), FALL 4:13
157 lbs: Kobe Garrehy (University at Buffalo [NY]) > Eric Fasnacht (University at Buffalo [NY]), DEC 5-3
165 lbs: Troy Keller (Niagara County Community College [NY]) > Dominic Mancina (Henry Ford College [MI]), TF 18-0/time?
174 lbs: Ryan Kromer (University at Buffalo [NY]) > Cameron Page (Jamestown Community College [NY]), MD 10-2
184 lbs: George Van Valen (Alfred State College [NY]) > Logan Rill (University at Buffalo [NY]), MD 8-0
197 lbs: Sam Schuyler (University at Buffalo [NY]) > Baker Hadwan (Muskegon Community College [MI]), SV 7-5 (1OT)
285 lbs: Ian James (University at Buffalo [NY]) > Ramon Correa (Muskegon Community College [MI]), DEC 5-2
Consolation Final (3rd)
125 lbs: Benny Gomez (Muskegon Community College [MI]) > Caleb Wiggins (Jamestown Community College [NY]), DEC 10-3
133 lbs: Tramon Jenkins (Spartanburg Methodist College [SC]) > Jacob Bell (Niagara County Community College [NY]), FALL 1:07
141 lbs: Zeke Breuninger (Muskegon Community College [MI]) > Michael Perdomo (Penn State Fayette [PA]), SV 9-7 (1OT)
149 lbs: John Reina (Niagara County Community College [NY]) > Jonah Cavallo (SUNY Brockport [NY]), FALL 0:34
157 lbs: Jojo Dowell (Muskegon Community College [MI]) > Michael Zito (Jamestown Community College [NY]), TF 19-2/time?
165 lbs: Sage Gonzalez (Muskegon Community College [MI]) > Blake Ross (Muskegon Community College [MI]), RULE 
174 lbs: Caleb Spears (Spartanburg Methodist College [SC]) > John Prentice (Penn State Dubois [PA]), FFT 
184 lbs: Sergio Crespo (Niagara County Community College [NY]) > Deven Simpson (Mercyhurst College, North East [PA]), DEC 4-1
197 lbs: Jerrell White (SUNY Brockport [NY]) > Eugene Latson (Niagara County Community College [NY]), FALL 4:28
285 lbs: Samuel Weinger (Rochester Institute of Technology [NY]) > Andrew Wade (Spartanburg Methodist College [SC]), DEC 7-3
Consolation Final (5th)
125 lbs: Christian Antoine (Unattached [MA]) > Patrick Lehman (Alfred State College [NY]), DEC 3-2
133 lbs: Gress Jeffrey (Alfred State College [NY]) > Joe Neylon (University of Massachusetts, Amherst [MA]), FALL 0:40
141 lbs: Monteze Thomas (Mercyhurst College, North East [PA]) > Ben Winkler (Jamestown Community College [NY]), FALL 4:22
149 lbs: Casey Connor (Alfred State College [NY]) > Jude Mattocks (Mercyhurst College, North East [PA]), DEC 3-1
157 lbs: Howie Nolan (Jamestown Community College [NY]) > Zack Brown (SUNY Brockport [NY]), FFT 
165 lbs: Derek Ridgeway (Mercyhurst College, North East [PA]) > Zach Cassidy (Mercyhurst College, North East [PA]), FFT 
174 lbs: Cameron Calderelli (University at Buffalo [NY]) > Ronnell McGhee (Muskegon Community College [MI]), DEC 1-0
184 lbs: Evan Makupson (Spartanburg Methodist College [SC]) > Jordan Hines (Henry Ford College [MI]), DEC 3-1
197 lbs: Joe Fallon (University of Massachusetts, Amherst [MA]) > Kevin Mosley (Jamestown Community College [NY]), FALL 1:42
285 lbs: Brock Johnson (Muskegon Community College [MI]) > Kyle Fitzgerald (Alfred State College [NY]), RULE 

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