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55th Annual Ken Kraft Midlands Championships

Wrestling Tournament
@ Sears Centre Arena (Hoffman Estates, Illinois)
Friday-Saturday, December 29-30, 2017

Varsity (Level: Collegiate, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Adams State College [CO], American University [DC], Arizona State University [AZ], Brown University [RI], Bucknell University [PA], California Polytechnic State University [CA], Central Michigan University [MI], Eastern Michigan University [MI], Edinboro University [PA], Franklin & Marshall College [PA], Harvard University [MA], Indiana University, Bloomington [IN], Iowa State University [IA], Northern Illinois University [IL], Northwestern University [IL], Ohio University [OH], Old Dominion University [VA], Oregon State University [OR], Princeton University [NJ], Princeton University (Club) [NJ], Purdue University [IN], Rhode Island College [RI], Rider University [NJ], Rutgers University [NJ], South Dakota State University [SD], U.S. Air Force Academy [CO], University at Buffalo [NY], University of Chicago [IL], University of Illinois, Champaign [IL], University of Iowa [IA], University of Maryland, College Park [MD], University of Michigan [MI], University of Minnesota, Twin Cities [MN], University of Nebraska [NB], University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill [NC], University of Pennsylvania [PA], University of Pittsburgh [PA], University of Wisconsin-Madison [WI], West Virginia University [WV]
Team Final
No team scores reported.
Award Winners
Aggregate Pin Award: Michael Kemerer (Iowa State University [IA], 157 lbs)
Fastest Pin Award: Matt Stencel (Central Michigan University [MI], 285 lbs)
Outstanding Wrestler Award: Seth Gross (South Dakota State University [SD], 133 lbs)
Championship Final (1st)
125 lbs: Nick Suriano (Rutgers University [NJ]) > Ronnie Bresser (Oregon State University [OR]), DEC 2-1
133 lbs: Seth Gross (South Dakota State University [SD]) > Bryan Lantry (University at Buffalo [NY]), FALL 2:47
141 lbs: Mason Smith (Central Michigan University [MI]) > Cole Weaver (Indiana University, Bloomington [IN]), DEC 6-0
149 lbs: Brandon Sorensen (University of Iowa [IA]) > Justin Oliver (Central Michigan University [MI]), DEC 4-2
157 lbs: Michael Kemerer (Iowa State University [IA]) > Joshua Shields (Arizona State University [AZ]), DEC 5-2
165 lbs: Alex Marinelli (University of Iowa [IA]) > Jon Schleifer (Princeton University [NJ]), SV 3-1 (1OT)
174 lbs: Zahid Valencia (Arizona State University [AZ]) > David Kocer (South Dakota State University [SD]), MD 18-7
184 lbs: Emery Parker (University of Illinois, Champaign [IL]) > Nate Jackson (Princeton University (Club) [NJ]), DEC 8-2
197 lbs: Cash Wilcke (University of Iowa [IA]) > Frank Mattiace (University of Pennsylvania [PA]), SV 3-1 (1OT)
285 lbs: Sam Stoll (Iowa State University [IA]) > Tanner Hall (Arizona State University [AZ]), DEC 2-1
Consolation Final (3rd)
125 lbs: Sebastian Rivera (Northwestern University [IL]) > Zeke Moisey (West Virginia University [WV]), MD 15-2
133 lbs: Scott Delvecchio (Rutgers University [NJ]) > Micky Phillippi (University of Pittsburgh [PA]), SV 3-1 (1OT)
141 lbs: Tyler Smith (Bucknell University [PA]) > Nate Limmex (Purdue University [IN]), DEC 10-4
149 lbs: Ryan Deakin (Northwestern University [IL]) > Pat Lugo (University of Iowa [IA]), DEC 8-5
157 lbs: John Vanschenkbrill (Rutgers University [NJ]) > Mike D'Angelo (Princeton University [NJ]), DEC 7-4
165 lbs: Richie Lewis (Rutgers University [NJ]) > Anthony Valencia (Arizona State University [AZ]), DEC 5-2
174 lbs: Dylan Lydy (Purdue University [IN]) > Mikey Labriola (University of Nebraska [NB]), DEC 3-2
184 lbs: Jordan Ellingwood (Central Michigan University [MI]) > Nino Bonaccorsi (University of Pittsburgh [PA]), DEC 7-0
197 lbs: Christian Brunner (Purdue University [IN]) > Nate Rotert (South Dakota State University [SD]), FFT 
285 lbs: Youssif Hemida (University of Maryland, College Park [MD]) > Matt Stencel (Central Michigan University [MI]), FALL 1:03
Consolation Final (5th)
125 lbs: Sean Russell (Edinboro University [PA]) > Spencer Lee (University of Iowa [IA]), FFT 
133 lbs: Dylan Duncan (University of Illinois, Champaign [IL]) > Colin Valdiviez (Northwestern University [IL]), DEC 6-2
141 lbs: Max Murin (University of Iowa [IA]) > Carter Happel (University of Iowa [IA]), DEC 5-2
149 lbs: Jason Tsirtsis (Arizona State University [AZ]) > Matthew Kolodzik (Princeton University [NJ]), DEC 5-4
157 lbs: Luke Zilverberg (South Dakota State University [SD]) > Justin Staudenmayer (Brown University [RI]), DEC 5-0
165 lbs: Kaleb Young (University of Iowa [IA]) > May Bethea (University of Pennsylvania [PA]), DEC 2-0
174 lbs: Christian Brucki (Central Michigan University [MI]) > Garrett Sutton (University of Michigan [MI]), FALL 5:53
184 lbs: Joe Heyob (University of Pennsylvania [PA]) > Nick Gravina (Rutgers University [NJ]), FFT 
197 lbs: Pat Brucki (Princeton University [NJ]) > Jacob Warner (University of Iowa [IA]), DEC 4-2
285 lbs: Conan Jennings (Northwestern University [IL]) > Amar Dhesi (Oregon State University [OR]), FFT 
Consolation Final (7th)
125 lbs: Luke Welch (Purdue University [IN]) > Devin Schroder (Purdue University [IN]), DEC 7-1
133 lbs: Paul Konrath (University of Wisconsin-Madison [WI]) > Korbin Myers (Edinboro University [PA]), DEC 3-2
141 lbs: Yahya Thomas (Northwestern University [IL]) > Colton Schilling (California Polytechnic State University [CA]), MD 10-2
149 lbs: Austin O'Connor (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill [NC]) > Steven Bleise (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities [MN]), FALL 0:57
157 lbs: Andrew Crone (University of Wisconsin-Madison [WI]) > Larry Early (Old Dominion University [VA]), DEC 7-1
165 lbs: Jacob Morrissey (Purdue University [IN]) > Logan Peterson (South Dakota State University [SD]), SV 7-5 (1OT)
174 lbs: Johnny Sebastian (Northwestern University [IL]) > Devin Skatzka (Indiana University, Bloomington [IN]), MD 14-5
184 lbs: Martin Mueller (South Dakota State University [SD]) > Kayne MacCallum (Eastern Michigan University [MI]), DEC 10-4
197 lbs: Jackson Striggow (University of Michigan [MI]) > Jacob Smith (West Virginia University [WV]), FFT 
285 lbs: Shawn Streck (Purdue University [IN]) > Jake Gunning (University at Buffalo [NY]), DFLT time?

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