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Campbell-Savona/Bradford [NY] vs. Canisteo-Greenwood [NY]

Wrestling Dual Meet
@ Canisteo-Greenwood High School (Canisteo, New York)
Thursday, January 10, 2019

You can't stop them...
You can't stop them...
You can only hope to contain them! Campbell-Savona/Bradford had their hands full with the #4-state ranked Canisteo-Greenwood Redskins. Here, Dalton Elliott gets turned upside down. Provided by Steve Harrison.

Album: General

You can't stop them... Dalton Elliot and Ryan Slayton

Varsity - Steuben County League (Level: Scholastic, Style: Folkstyle)
Box Scores
Canisteo-Greenwood [NY] 57, Campbell-Savona/Bradford [NY] 15
99 lbs: Braidon Woodward (Canisteo-Greenwood [NY]) > Greg Hargrave (Campbell-Savona/Bradford [NY]), FALL 1:12
106 lbs: Beau Zeh (Canisteo-Greenwood [NY]), FFT 
113 lbs: Luke Kilmer (Canisteo-Greenwood [NY]), FFT 
120 lbs: Bryson Terwilliger (Canisteo-Greenwood [NY]) > Joseph Black (Campbell-Savona/Bradford [NY]), FALL 2:34
126 lbs: Bradley Cheek (Canisteo-Greenwood [NY]) > Will Aumick (Campbell-Savona/Bradford [NY]), FALL 1:57
132 lbs: Alex Mason (Canisteo-Greenwood [NY]) > Joe Dick (Campbell-Savona/Bradford [NY]), FALL 0:45
138 lbs: Steve Tammellin (Campbell-Savona/Bradford [NY]) > Dale Houghtaling (Canisteo-Greenwood [NY]), DEC 5-3
145 lbs: Jaycob Parulski (Campbell-Savona/Bradford [NY]) > Ean Magill (Canisteo-Greenwood [NY]), FALL 2:52
152 lbs: John Davis (Canisteo-Greenwood [NY]) > Tim Aumick (Campbell-Savona/Bradford [NY]), FALL 2:47
160 lbs: Ryder Slayton (Canisteo-Greenwood [NY]) > Dalton Elliott (Campbell-Savona/Bradford [NY]), DEC 3-2
170 lbs: Jared Davis (Canisteo-Greenwood [NY]), FFT 
182 lbs: Damian Elliot (Campbell-Savona/Bradford [NY]) > Jacob Evingham (Canisteo-Greenwood [NY]), FALL 1:18
195 lbs: Blake Ilges (Canisteo-Greenwood [NY]), FFT 
220 lbs: DOUBLE FFT
285 lbs: DOUBLE FFT

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