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7th Annual Waynesburg Wrestling Invitational

Wrestling Tournament
@ Rudy Marisa Fieldhouse (Waynesburg, Pennsylvania)
Saturday, January 6, 2018

Varsity (Level: Collegiate, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Alderson Broaddus University [VA], Alfred State College [NY], Case Western Reserve University [OH], Gettysburg College [PA], Johns Hopkins University [MD], Mount St. Joseph University [OH], Muskingum University [OH], Ohio Valley University [OH], Penn State Behrend [PA], Thiel College [PA], Thomas More College [KY], University of Maryland, Baltimore County [MD], University of Mount Union [OH], University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire [WI], Washington & Jefferson College [PA], Waynesburg University [PA]
Team Final
1. University of Mount Union [OH]  206.5 points
2. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire [WI]  172.5
3. Waynesburg University [PA]  131.5
4. Washington & Jefferson College [PA]  110
5. Gettysburg College [PA]  108.5
6. Johns Hopkins University [MD]  87
7. Case Western Reserve University [OH]  85
8. Alderson Broaddus University [VA]  72.5
9. University of Maryland, Baltimore County [MD]  63.5
10. Muskingum University [OH]  62.5
11. Thomas More College [KY]  62
12. Alfred State College [NY]  54.5
13. Ohio Valley University [OH]  49.5
14. Penn State Behrend [PA]  32.5
15. Thiel College [PA]  23
16. Mount St. Joseph University [OH]  16.5
149 lbs: 6. Colin Devlin (Gettysburg College [PA])
  6. Jaden Winchel (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire [WI])
285 lbs: 4. Nate Lewis (Case Western Reserve University [OH])
  4. Brian McNamara (Case Western Reserve University [OH])
  6. Gage Gladysz (Thiel College [PA])
  6. Michael Sinclair (University of Mount Union [OH])
Championship Final (1st)
125 lbs: Tristan Buxton (Waynesburg University [PA]) > Jordan Burkholder (Muskingum University [OH]), OTD score? (1OT)
133 lbs: Nolan Wochna (University of Mount Union [OH]) > Curtis Cox (Alderson Broaddus University [VA]), DEC 9-4
141 lbs: Alec Cotton (University of Mount Union [OH]) > Jordan Meyer (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire [WI]), FALL 4:30
149 lbs: Luke Hernandez (University of Mount Union [OH]) > Martin Mitchell (University of Maryland, Baltimore County [MD]), DEC 14-12
157 lbs: Michael McIntire (University of Mount Union [OH]) > Andrew Munn (Case Western Reserve University [OH]), FALL 3:30
165 lbs: Chase Schmidt (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire [WI]) > Colin Kowalski (Gettysburg College [PA]), DEC 11-4
174 lbs: Jared Walker (Washington & Jefferson College [PA]) > Tyler Vogt (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire [WI]), MD 9-1
184 lbs: George Van Valen (Alfred State College [NY]) > Isaiah Watson-Kirksey (University of Mount Union [OH]), TF 16-0/time?
197 lbs: Ramsey Bloy (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire [WI]) > Ken Burrs (Waynesburg University [PA]), MD 18-6
285 lbs: Jake Evans (Waynesburg University [PA]) > Paul Triandafilou (Gettysburg College [PA]), FALL 6:30
Consolation Final (3rd)
125 lbs: Anthony Tripke (Ohio Valley University [OH]) > Jimmy Murphy (Thomas More College [KY]), DEC 4-3
133 lbs: Ricky Cavallo (Johns Hopkins University [MD]) > Seth Hayes (University of Mount Union [OH]), DEC 8-6
141 lbs: Michael Heinl (Washington & Jefferson College [PA]) > Tyler Demo (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire [WI]), MD 15-2
149 lbs: Samuel Florentino (Washington & Jefferson College [PA]) > Carter Focht (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire [WI]), DEC 9-4
157 lbs: Hunter Neely (Washington & Jefferson College [PA]) > Hunter Deleon (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire [WI]), DEC 12-7
165 lbs: Jesse Gross (University of Mount Union [OH]) > Conner Homan (University of Mount Union [OH]), FFT 
174 lbs: Gino Sita (Alderson Broaddus University [VA]) > Evan Lawrence (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire [WI]), FFT 
184 lbs: Isaac Morales (Johns Hopkins University [MD]) > Avery Jones (Thomas More College [KY]), DEC 11-5
197 lbs: Grant Martin (University of Mount Union [OH]) > Joshua Sneeringer (Waynesburg University [PA]), MD 15-5
285 lbs: DOUBLE FFT
Consolation Final (5th)
125 lbs: Lenny Ogozalek (Gettysburg College [PA]) > Deonte Carter (University of Maryland, Baltimore County [MD]), FALL 2:56
133 lbs: Casey Hedrington (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire [WI]) > Jacob Frisch (Case Western Reserve University [OH]), DFLT time?
141 lbs: Hunter Pierce (University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire [WI]) > Sean Thompson (Gettysburg College [PA]), DFLT time?
149 lbs: DOUBLE FFT
157 lbs: Dominick Reyes (Johns Hopkins University [MD]) > Isaac Collier (Case Western Reserve University [OH]), DFLT time?
165 lbs: T.J. Lambiotte (Ohio Valley University [OH]) > Tyler Rendina (University of Maryland, Baltimore County [MD]), FALL 1:46
174 lbs: Anthony Solis (University of Maryland, Baltimore County [MD]) > Caleb Baxter (Waynesburg University [PA]), DFLT time?
184 lbs: Jake Paulson (Penn State Behrend [PA]) > Mike Millero (Waynesburg University [PA]), DFLT time?
197 lbs: Michael Iodice (Gettysburg College [PA]) > James Caniglia (Thomas More College [KY]), FFT 
285 lbs: DOUBLE FFT

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