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Attention Webmasters!

Webmasters and other developers can use to their advantage by displaying information from Matburn on their own websites in their own format. This exciting new ability is what sets Matburn apart from all other wrestling websites (and any other sports website, for that matter). And best of all, it's FREE!

Sick of entering results by yourself?

Since matburn is a wiki, the wrestling community is invited to post and update results & photos as they see fit. With they're help, your site too can take advantage of the matburn community. Since the results on matburn automatically show up on matburn-powered sites, as matburn grows, so too will your site.

Matburn XML

The availabilty of Matburn XML is what makes this all possible. Every event and team posted on Matburn is made available in XML format. By parsing the XML, webmasters can read & display this information on their own website. In addition, there are several lists made available in XML format to help you list "What's New" and other things on your site. Such lists are filtered by the supplied channel.


A channel is a named collection of teams. There are several Basic Channels--one for every state and province. For instance, the New York channel consists of all the known teams in New York. (The known teams consist only of those for whom results have been posted.) There are also Custom Channels, created by users. Anyone can create a custom channel. For instance, if you're interested only in the teams from Orange County, then a channel can be made by that name consisting of the teams just in that county. To create a channel, vist the Channels area of Matburn.

Getting Started

To help you get started, we've created a basic Matburn XML reader, written in PHP, for you to use. This file may be modified, renamed, or used in any way. As more advanced Matburn XML readers become available, they will be posted here for all to use and/or see. If you take the time to create a reader (for instance, you might create one in ASP.NET), please submit it to matburn to be posted for others to use. The more people who use Matburn, the more results will be posted, and the more information will be seen on all affiliated sites!


A basic Matburn XML reader: MATBURN.ZIP
Here is an example using the Matburn XML reader based on the New York channel: NEW YORK EXAMPLE

Included in the zip is the contact information where you can write to for help. Happy developing!