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Pittsford [NY] vs. Rush-Henrietta [NY]

Wrestling Dual Meet
@ Rush-Henrietta High School (Henrietta, New York)
Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Lots of action
Lots of action
Both JV and Varsity compete as Pittsford visits Rush-Henrietta for a Monroe County Division I dual meet. Shared by R-H Athletics.

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Lots of action

Varsity - Monroe County 1 (Level: Scholastic, Style: Folkstyle)
Box Scores
Pittsford [NY] 35, Rush-Henrietta [NY] 29
99 lbs: Daniel Riorden (Rush-Henrietta [NY]) > Matthew Mulvehill (Pittsford [NY]), FALL 1:18
106 lbs: Brandon Sweet (Rush-Henrietta [NY]) > Scott Karpovich (Pittsford [NY]), DEC 13-6
113 lbs: Patrick Cowie (Pittsford [NY]) > Avren Cullen (Rush-Henrietta [NY]), DEC 7-6
120 lbs: Brian Hedding (Rush-Henrietta [NY]) > Jordan Testa (Pittsford [NY]), FALL 5:30
126 lbs: Jayden Scott (Rush-Henrietta [NY]) > Ryan Sanko (Pittsford [NY]), MD 16-4
132 lbs: Nathan Cotroneo (Pittsford [NY]) > John Nothnagle (Rush-Henrietta [NY]), MD 17-4
138 lbs: Josh Robinson (Pittsford [NY]) > Alex Reissinger (Rush-Henrietta [NY]), DEC 7-0
145 lbs: Nick Sanko (Pittsford [NY]) > Anthony Trinchinni (Rush-Henrietta [NY]), FALL 0:48
152 lbs: Karamvir Hothi (Rush-Henrietta [NY]) > Jack Culhane (Pittsford [NY]), MD 17-3
160 lbs: John Santowski (Pittsford [NY]) > Victor Kane (Rush-Henrietta [NY]), FALL 2:39
170 lbs: Alex Marciniak (Pittsford [NY]) > Devin Felder (Rush-Henrietta [NY]), FALL 1:15
182 lbs: Bobby Foltz (Pittsford [NY]) > Jaden Hall (Rush-Henrietta [NY]), MD 15-6
195 lbs: Max Murphy (Pittsford [NY]) > Ali Alobaidy (Rush-Henrietta [NY]), DEC 5-3
220 lbs: Kyle Tillich (Rush-Henrietta [NY]) > Louis Rocca (Pittsford [NY]), DEC 8-2
285 lbs: Damian Dinatale (Rush-Henrietta [NY]) > Alec Murray (Pittsford [NY]), SV 3-1 (1OT)

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