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Golden Eagle Open

Wrestling Tournament
@ Tuttle North Gymnasium, SUNY Brockport (Brockport, New York)
Saturday, November 2, 2019

Alfred State Pioneers
Alfred State Pioneers
The Alfred State wrestling team had 8 place winners today at the Brockport Open. Shared by Alfred State Wrestling.

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Alfred State Pioneers

Varsity (Level: Collegiate, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Alfred State College [NY], Binghamton University [NY], Buffalo Wrestling Club [NY], Finger Lakes Wrestling Club [NY], Jamestown Community College [NY], Niagara County Community College [NY], Penn State Behrend [PA], Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute [NY], Sullivan County Community College [NY], SUNY Brockport [NY], Unattached [NY], University of Scranton [PA]
Team Final
No team scores reported.
149 lbs: 6. Dante Simeti (University of Scranton [PA])
  6. Michael Fronczak (SUNY Brockport [NY])
Championship Final (1st)
125 lbs: Matt Caccamise (SUNY Brockport [NY]) > Jacob Bell (Niagara County Community College [NY]), DEC 8-3
133 lbs: John Cantwell (SUNY Brockport [NY]) > Kevin DePalma (Buffalo Wrestling Club [NY]), DEC 8-2
141 lbs: Austin Sergeant (SUNY Brockport [NY]) > Anthony Clarizio (University of Scranton [PA]), DEC 10-8
149 lbs: Frankie Gissendanner (Niagara County Community College [NY]) > Wesley Woodworth (SUNY Brockport [NY]), MD 23-9
157 lbs: Zack Brown (SUNY Brockport [NY]) > Kyle Shaffer (University of Scranton [PA]), DEC 7-3
165 lbs: Jeremiah Oakes (University of Scranton [PA]) > Thomas Conlon (University of Scranton [PA]), FALL 4:29
174 lbs: Daniel Torres (Jamestown Community College [NY]) > Colby Hall (Unattached [NY]), DEC 6-5
184 lbs: Jordan Bushey (Niagara County Community College [NY]) > Joseph Yanis (SUNY Brockport [NY]), DEC 5-4
197 lbs: Devin Vanlengen (Niagara County Community College [NY]) > Devon Shader (SUNY Brockport [NY]), FALL 6:15
285 lbs: Richard Knapp (SUNY Brockport [NY]) > Sam Weiger (Unattached [NY]), DEC 8-3
Consolation Final (3rd)
125 lbs: Matthew Murawski (University of Scranton [PA]) > Liam Bullock (Sullivan County Community College [NY]), FALL 1:08
133 lbs: Pedro Rosales (Sullivan County Community College [NY]) > Anthony Sortino (University of Scranton [PA]), FALL 2:15
141 lbs: Joey Perry (Jamestown Community College [NY]) > Jacob Mancuso (Niagara County Community College [NY]), MD 15-4
149 lbs: Austin Reed (SUNY Brockport [NY]) > Robert Billett (SUNY Brockport [NY]), FALL 5:24
157 lbs: Christian Robinson (Niagara County Community College [NY]) > Anthony Miraglia (Alfred State College [NY]), FALL 7:00
165 lbs: Sam Grey (SUNY Brockport [NY]) > Trent Ingraham (Niagara County Community College [NY]), FALL 5:23
174 lbs: William Laughlin (University of Scranton [PA]) > Adonis Morano (Unattached [NY]), DEC 4-2
184 lbs: Aidan McNally (University of Scranton [PA]) > Brian Mascaro (Sullivan County Community College [NY]), FALL 6:11
197 lbs: Justin Jones (SUNY Brockport [NY]) > Michael Salerno (University of Scranton [PA]), DFLT time?
285 lbs: Kyle Fitzgerald (Alfred State College [NY]) > Max Wills (Jamestown Community College [NY]), FALL 0:19
Consolation Final (5th)
125 lbs: Neiko Scarano (SUNY Brockport [NY]) > Brian Hedding (Alfred State College [NY]), FFT 
133 lbs: Shane Reynolds (University of Scranton [PA]) > Matt Gawron (Niagara County Community College [NY]), FALL 1:25
141 lbs: Owen Kissell (Alfred State College [NY]) > Mike Peck (Alfred State College [NY]), MD 11-1
149 lbs: DOUBLE FFT
157 lbs: Alex Barnett (Penn State Behrend [PA]) > Jesse Johnson (Alfred State College [NY]), DEC 6-4
165 lbs: Justin Weimer (University of Scranton [PA]) > Billy Brown (Penn State Behrend [PA]), FALL 0:45
174 lbs: Adam Mateo (Niagara County Community College [NY]) > Christopher Eames (SUNY Brockport [NY]), DFLT time?
184 lbs: Kyler Martin (SUNY Brockport [NY]) > Blake Ilges (Alfred State College [NY]), FFT 
197 lbs: Maurice Jackson (Niagara County Community College [NY]) > Kiel Pechko (University of Scranton [PA]), DEC 19-14
285 lbs: Jaquan Johnson (Unattached [NY]) > Nick Barrett (Alfred State College [NY]), FALL 0:19

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