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MAC Wrestling Championships

Wrestling Tournament
@ Central Michigan University (Mount Pleasant, Michigan)
Saturday, March 3, 2018

Seven Straight
Seven Straight
No. 3 Mizzou Wrestling (19-0, 7-0 MAC) captured its seventh straight conference title at the 2018 Mid-American Conference Championships, as seven Tigers claimed individual conference titles. With 170 points, Mizzou reset the conference record for points scored at a conference tournament for the second consecutive season and third time overall since joining the league in 2013, surpassing its previous totals of 154.5 points in 2017 and 139.5 points in 2015. Shared by Mizzou Wrestling.

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Seven Straight

Varsity (Level: Collegiate, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Central Michigan University [MI], Eastern Michigan University [MI], Kent State University [OH], Northern Illinois University [IL], Ohio University [OH], Old Dominion University [VA], University at Buffalo [NY], University of Missouri, Columbia [MO]
Team Final
1. University of Missouri, Columbia [MO]  177 points
2. Central Michigan University [MI]  125
3. Eastern Michigan University [MI]  120.5
4. Kent State University [OH]  98
5. Ohio University [OH]  84.5
6. University at Buffalo [NY]  81
7. Old Dominion University [VA]  80
8. Northern Illinois University [IL]  78
Championship Final (1st)
125 lbs: Michael McGee (Old Dominion University [VA]) > Brock Hudkins (Northern Illinois University [IL]), TB 3-1 (1OT)
133 lbs: John Erneste (University of Missouri, Columbia [MO]) > Bryan Lantry (University at Buffalo [NY]), DEC 4-2
141 lbs: Jaydin Eierman (University of Missouri, Columbia [MO]) > Mason Smith (Central Michigan University [MI]), TF 24-9/4:56
149 lbs: Grant Leeth (University of Missouri, Columbia [MO]) > Kade Kowalski (Ohio University [OH]), MD 9-0
157 lbs: Joseph Lavallee (University of Missouri, Columbia [MO]) > Casey Sparkman (Kent State University [OH]), DEC 8-2
165 lbs: Connor Flynn (University of Missouri, Columbia [MO]) > Zachary Carson (Eastern Michigan University [MI]), DEC 10-5
174 lbs: Daniel Lewis (University of Missouri, Columbia [MO]) > Christian Brucki (Central Michigan University [MI]), FALL 1:33
184 lbs: Kayne MacCallum (Eastern Michigan University [MI]) > Bryce Gorman (Northern Illinois University [IL]), DEC 8-2
197 lbs: William Miklus (University of Missouri, Columbia [MO]) > Derek Hillman (Eastern Michigan University [MI]), FALL 2:50
285 lbs: Matt Stencel (Central Michigan University [MI]) > Gage Hutchison (Eastern Michigan University [MI]), FALL 1:10
Consolation Final (3rd)
125 lbs: Drew Hildebrandt (Central Michigan University [MI]) > Barlow McGhee (University of Missouri, Columbia [MO]), DEC 4-0
133 lbs: Anthony Tutolo (Kent State University [OH]) > Cameron Kelly (Ohio University [OH]), FFT 
141 lbs: Sa'Derian Perry (Eastern Michigan University [MI]) > Mario Guillen (Ohio University [OH]), FALL 1:55
149 lbs: Kyle Springer (Eastern Michigan University [MI]) > Justin Oliver (Central Michigan University [MI]), SV 8-6 (1OT)
157 lbs: Colin Heffernan (Central Michigan University [MI]) > Larry Early (Old Dominion University [VA]), DEC 5-4
165 lbs: Logan Parks (Central Michigan University [MI]) > Isaac Bast (Kent State University [OH]), SV 4-2 (1OT)
174 lbs: Seldon Wright (Old Dominion University [VA]) > Dylan Barreiro (Kent State University [OH]), DEC 3-2
184 lbs: Canten Marriott (University of Missouri, Columbia [MO]) > Jordan Ellingwood (Central Michigan University [MI]), DEC 2-1
197 lbs: Kyle Conel (Kent State University [OH]) > Joe Ariola (University at Buffalo [NY]), DEC 4-3
285 lbs: Stephen Suglio (Kent State University [OH]) > Jake Gunning (University at Buffalo [NY]), DEC 5-1
Consolation Final (5th)
125 lbs: Kyle Akins (University at Buffalo [NY]) > Tomas Gutierrez (Eastern Michigan University [MI]), FALL 4:36
133 lbs: Alijah Jeffery (Northern Illinois University [IL]) > Dresden Simon (Central Michigan University [MI]), MD 11-2
141 lbs: Tim Rooney (Kent State University [OH]) > Jason Estevez (University at Buffalo [NY]), MD 12-2
149 lbs: Kenan Carter (Old Dominion University [VA]) > Nolan Baker (Northern Illinois University [IL]), MD 8-0
157 lbs: Caden McWhirter (Northern Illinois University [IL]) > Cullen Cummings (Ohio University [OH]), FALL 3:31
165 lbs: Shane Jones (Old Dominion University [VA]) > Noah Grover (University at Buffalo [NY]), DEC 7-2
174 lbs: Andrew McNally (Eastern Michigan University [MI]) > Quinton Rosser (Northern Illinois University [IL]), MD 16-5
184 lbs: Hunter Yeargan (Ohio University [OH]) > Brett Perry (University at Buffalo [NY]), FALL 3:25
197 lbs: Aaron Naples (Ohio University [OH]) > Jordan Atienza (Central Michigan University [MI]), FFT 
285 lbs: Caleb Gossett (Northern Illinois University [IL]) > Zack Parker (Ohio University [OH]), DEC 5-3
Consolation Final (7th)
125 lbs: Jake Ferri (Kent State University [OH]) > Trevor Giallambardo (Ohio University [OH]), DEC 9-5
133 lbs: Noah Gonser (Eastern Michigan University [MI]) > Caleb Richardson (Old Dominion University [VA]), DFLT 5:00
141 lbs: Alex Madrigal (Old Dominion University [VA]) > Anthony Rubino (Northern Illinois University [IL]), TF 18-0/4:13
149 lbs: Chance Driscoll (Kent State University [OH]) > Nick Palumbo (University at Buffalo [NY]), DEC 7-2
157 lbs: James Wolfe (Eastern Michigan University [MI]) > Eric Fasnacht (University at Buffalo [NY]), FALL 6:04
165 lbs: Joe Terry (Ohio University [OH]) > Andrew Scott (Northern Illinois University [IL]), DEC 7-6
174 lbs: Austin Weigel (University at Buffalo [NY]) > Arsen Ashughyan (Ohio University [OH]), DEC 4-0
184 lbs: Antonio Agee (Old Dominion University [VA]) > Colin McCracken (Kent State University [OH]), TB 9-4 (1OT)
197 lbs: Noah Bushman (Old Dominion University [VA]) > Max Ihry (Northern Illinois University [IL]), DEC 6-1
285 lbs: Ali Wahab (Old Dominion University [VA]) > Wyatt Koelling (University of Missouri, Columbia [MO]), DEC 10-4
True Second (2nd)
125 lbs: Brock Hudkins (Northern Illinois University [IL]) > Drew Hildebrandt (Central Michigan University [MI]), SV 3-1 (1OT)
149 lbs: Kyle Springer (Eastern Michigan University [MI]) > Kade Kowalski (Ohio University [OH]), FALL 5:22
197 lbs: Kyle Conel (Kent State University [OH]) > Derek Hillman (Eastern Michigan University [MI]), DEC 7-2

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