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36th Annual Ithaca College Invitational Tournament

Wrestling Tournament
@ Glazer Arena (Ithaca, New York)
Friday-Saturday, November 2-3, 2018

Ithaca Invitational
Ithaca Invitational
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Ithaca Invitational

Varsity (Level: Collegiate, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
American International College [MA], Castleton University [VT], Greensboro College [NC], Ithaca College [NY], Johnson and Wales University [RI], New England College [NH], Norwich University [VT], Rhode Island College [RI], Rochester Institute of Technology [NY], Springfield College [MA], SUNY Oswego [NY], Western New England University [MA]
Team Final
1. Ithaca College [NY]  167 points
2. Castleton University [VT]  139.5
3. Rochester Institute of Technology [NY]  129
4. Springfield College [MA]  112.5
5. Johnson and Wales University [RI]  98.5
6. Western New England University [MA]  74
7. Norwich University [VT]  51
8. Rhode Island College [RI]  48.5
9. Greensboro College [NC]  42.5
10. SUNY Oswego [NY]  36
11. New England College [NH]  35
12. American International College [MA]  21.5
Award Winners
Aggregate Pin Award: Albert Ciccitto (Ithaca College [NY], 149 lbs)
Outstanding Wrestler Award: Jake Ashcraft (Ithaca College [NY], 184 lbs)
Championship Final (1st)
125 lbs: Ferdinand Mase (Ithaca College [NY]) > Diego Santiago (New England College [NH]), DEC 4-0
133 lbs: Deyker Edwards (Castleton University [VT]) > Jacques St Jean (Springfield College [MA]), DEC 16-9
141 lbs: Ben Brisman (Ithaca College [NY]) > Max Tempel (Castleton University [VT]), DEC 10-3
149 lbs: Zach Stedeford (Rochester Institute of Technology [NY]) > Demetri D'Orsaneo (Ithaca College [NY]), DEC 6-4
157 lbs: Kaidon Winters (Rochester Institute of Technology [NY]) > Dempsey King (Rochester Institute of Technology [NY]), DEC 3-0
165 lbs: Austin Whitney (Ithaca College [NY]) > Aarin Feliz (Springfield College [MA]), DEC 8-3
174 lbs: Joe Lupisella (Rochester Institute of Technology [NY]) > Daniel Curran (Norwich University [VT]), DEC 12-8
184 lbs: Jake Ashcraft (Ithaca College [NY]) > John Boyle (Western New England University [MA]), DEC 4-0
197 lbs: Tommy Wrzesien (Johnson and Wales University [RI]) > Sam Weinger (Rochester Institute of Technology [NY]), DEC 7-3
285 lbs: Joe Fusco (Springfield College [MA]) > Jesse Webb (Castleton University [VT]), DEC 6-0
Consolation Final (3rd)
125 lbs: Nicholas Camacho (Castleton University [VT]) > Christopher Trelli (Springfield College [MA]), MD 13-2
133 lbs: MIchael Gonyea (Castleton University [VT]) > Tito Colom (Ithaca College [NY]), MD 15-2
141 lbs: Ryan Peters (Springfield College [MA]) > Mike Vietri (Springfield College [MA]), DEC 6-3
149 lbs: Albert Ciccitto (Ithaca College [NY]) > Nick Monteleone (Springfield College [MA]), FALL 0:21
157 lbs: Ryan Monteiro (Western New England University [MA]) > Baltazar Gonzalez (American International College [MA]), FALL 7:09
165 lbs: Alec Corrao (Ithaca College [NY]) > Isaac Mathews (SUNY Oswego [NY]), DEC 6-5
174 lbs: Michael Gargano (Johnson and Wales University [RI]) > Chance LaPier (Castleton University [VT]), FALL 4:31
184 lbs: Chibueze Chukwuezi (Ithaca College [NY]) > Joe Cutugno (Rochester Institute of Technology [NY]), DEC 9-7
197 lbs: Elijah Rodriguez (Ithaca College [NY]) > Michael Gallagher (Rhode Island College [RI]), FALL 1:23
285 lbs: Jake O'Brien (Ithaca College [NY]) > Connor Calkins (Rochester Institute of Technology [NY]), DEC 2-0
Consolation Final (5th)
125 lbs: Nicholas Arborio (Western New England University [MA]) > Alex Prunoske (Rochester Institute of Technology [NY]), DEC 13-11
133 lbs: Tyler Schultz (Castleton University [VT]) > William Escobar (Ithaca College [NY]), FALL 3:41
141 lbs: Jordan Robinson (Johnson and Wales University [RI]) > Gabriel McDaniel (Johnson and Wales University [RI]), FFT 
149 lbs: Darius Joyce (Johnson and Wales University [RI]) > Thomas Grippi (Johnson and Wales University [RI]), FFT 
157 lbs: Zachary Ford (Rhode Island College [RI]) > Daniel Haverty (Castleton University [VT]), FFT 
165 lbs: Blaise Bressler (Norwich University [VT]) > Mason LaFlam (Castleton University [VT]), DEC 9-5
174 lbs: Nick Almonte (Springfield College [MA]) > Morgan Seller (Rochester Institute of Technology [NY]), FALL 5:00
184 lbs: Alexander Green (Castleton University [VT]) > Ryan DeVivo (Johnson and Wales University [RI]), FFT 
197 lbs: Dymir Davis-Carruth (Ithaca College [NY]) > Mitchell LaFlam (Castleton University [VT]), DEC 6-3
285 lbs: Brandon Williams (Greensboro College [NC]) > Travis Manick (Rhode Island College [RI]), FFT 

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