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52nd Annual East Stroudsburg University Open

Wrestling Tournament
@ Koehler Fieldhouse (East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania)
Saturday, November 10, 2018

Frankie Gissendanner #1
Frankie Gissendanner #1
Rider freshman Frankie G (Penfield, NY) goes 5-0 at East Stroudsburg open to win the first D1 tournament he entered. Shared by John Leone.

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Frankie Gissendanner #1

Varsity (Level: Collegiate, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
American University [DC], Bergen Community College [NJ], Bucknell University [PA], Camden County College [NJ], Centenary University [NJ], Drexel University [PA], East Stroudsburg University [PA], Kutztown University [PA], Lock Haven University [PA], Middlesex County College [NJ], Millersville University [PA], Old Dominion University [VA], Rider University [NJ], Sacred Heart University [CT], U.S. Military Academy Prep School [NY], Unattached [PA], University of Maryland, College Park [MD], University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown [PA]
Team Final
No team scores reported.
Championship Final (1st)
125 lbs: Gage Curry (American University [DC]) > Richie Koehler (Rider University [NJ]), DEC 5-2
133 lbs: Andrew Wert (U.S. Military Academy Prep School [NY]) > Trevon Majette (Old Dominion University [VA]), DEC 3-2
141 lbs: Frankie Gissendanner (Rider University [NJ]) > Danny Bertoni (University of Maryland, College Park [MD]), DEC 7-4
149 lbs: Michael Sprague (American University [DC]) > Kizhan Clarke (American University [DC]), FALL 6:59
157 lbs: Chad Haegele (Kutztown University [PA]) > Cole Smith (Old Dominion University [VA]), DEC 6-3
165 lbs: Jesse Dellavecchia (Rider University [NJ]) > Mason Smith (U.S. Military Academy Prep School [NY]), TF 19-2/5:49
174 lbs: Michael Riccioppi (East Stroudsburg University [PA]) > Dean Sherry (Rider University [NJ]), FFT 
184 lbs: Kyle Jasenski (University of Maryland, College Park [MD]) > Richard Viruet (East Stroudsburg University [PA]), DEC 3-1
197 lbs: Joe Miller (U.S. Military Academy Prep School [NY]) > Prince Hyeamang (American University [DC]), DEC 7-5
285 lbs: Niko Camacho (American University [DC]) > Issac Reid (Lock Haven University [PA]), DEC 4-3
Consolation Final (3rd)
125 lbs: Ryan Chauvin (U.S. Military Academy Prep School [NY]) > Jarod Kosman (University of Maryland, College Park [MD]), DEC 12-5
133 lbs: Dominc Carone (U.S. Military Academy Prep School [NY]) > Daniel Kidd (American University [DC]), FALL 6:53
141 lbs: Jack Mutchnik (American University [DC]) > Imran Heard (Lock Haven University [PA]), DEC 2-1
149 lbs: Hunter Baxter (University of Maryland, College Park [MD]) > Garrett Burnham (University of Maryland, College Park [MD]), DEC 2-0
157 lbs: Joe Casey (Rider University [NJ]) > Stefahn Mayo (Unattached [PA]), FFT 
165 lbs: Kellen Ekern (Old Dominion University [VA]) > Juwan Robinson (Old Dominion University [VA]), DEC 9-6
174 lbs: George Walton (Rider University [NJ]) > Michael Omalley (Drexel University [PA]), FFT 
184 lbs: Abraham Correa-medina (American University [DC]) > Blake Barrick (American University [DC]), DEC 3-0
197 lbs: Joe Scott (Bucknell University [PA]) > Sage Mosco (American University [DC]), DEC 2-1
285 lbs: River Henry (Old Dominion University [VA]) > Andrew Dunn (Kutztown University [PA]), FFT 
Consolation Final (5th)
125 lbs: Aaron Wildonger (Millersville University [PA]) > Brandon Seidman (Bucknell University [PA]), DEC 11-9
133 lbs: Tyler Delaware (Old Dominion University [VA]) > Anthony Cefolo (Rider University [NJ]), DEC 3-1
141 lbs: Patrick Ryan (American University [DC]) > Michael Foca (Centenary University [NJ]), DEC 6-4
149 lbs: Stanley Wojaylak (Centenary University [NJ]) > Evan Fidelibus (Rider University [NJ]), FFT 
157 lbs: Kevin Budock (Old Dominion University [VA]) > Tyler Hazard (Old Dominion University [VA]), FALL 3:51
165 lbs: Anthony Wokasch (American University [DC]) > Jack Bond (Old Dominion University [VA]), FALL 4:45
174 lbs: Frank Guida (Bucknell University [PA]) > Jared Siegrist (Lock Haven University [PA]), FFT 
184 lbs: Jacob Ferreira (Bucknell University [PA]) > Bryan Martin (Rider University [NJ]), DEC 8-2
197 lbs: Noah Bushman (Unattached [PA]) > Nick Klinoff (East Stroudsburg University [PA]), FALL 2:41
285 lbs: Sean Omalley (Drexel University [PA]) > John Barlow (Kutztown University [PA]), FALL 1:30

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