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Journeymen Northeast Collegiate Duals

Wrestling Dual Meet Event
@ Hudson Valley Community College (Troy, New York)
Saturday, November 10, 2018

Varsity (Level: Collegiate, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Appalachian State University [NC], Bloomsburg University [PA], Castleton University [VT], Drexel University [PA], Edinboro University [PA], Hofstra University [NY], Ithaca College [NY], Lehigh University [PA], LIU Post [NY], Lock Haven University [PA], Niagara County Community College [NY], North Carolina State University [NC], Purdue University [IN], Rochester Institute of Technology [NY], Rutgers University [NJ], Sacred Heart University [CT], The Citadel [SC], U.S. Military Academy [NY], University of Nebraska [NB], University of Oklahoma [OK], University of Virginia [VA], University of Wyoming [WY], Utah Valley University [UT]
Team Standings
No standings reported.
Round 1
Rochester Institute of Technology [NY] 43, Niagara County Community College [NY] 11
Castleton University [VT] 33, LIU Post [NY] 12
University of Virginia [VA] 40, Ithaca College [NY] 8
Appalachian State University [NC] 55, Sacred Heart University [CT] 0
University of Nebraska [NB] 19, Utah Valley University [UT] 15
Edinboro University [PA] 19, The Citadel [SC] 17
Round 2
Utah Valley University [UT] 47, Niagara County Community College [NY] 6
Sacred Heart University [CT] 24, The Citadel [SC] 22
Purdue University [IN] 35, Bloomsburg University [PA] 5
Rutgers University [NJ] 26, Appalachian State University [NC] 9
University of Wyoming [WY] 21, University of Virginia [VA] 9
University of Nebraska [NB] 28, Drexel University [PA] 9
Round 3
Rochester Institute of Technology [NY] 37, LIU Post [NY] 12
Ithaca College [NY] 32, Castleton University [VT] 12
Purdue University [IN] 25, Drexel University [PA] 14
University of Nebraska [NB] 21, University of Virginia [VA] 15
Utah Valley University [UT] 24, Rutgers University [NJ] 14
University of Wyoming [WY] 33, Edinboro University [PA] 6
Round 4
University of Virginia [VA] 47, LIU Post [NY] 3
Drexel University [PA] 41, The Citadel [SC] 0
Sacred Heart University [CT] 24, Bloomsburg University [PA] 9
Castleton University [VT] 21, Rochester Institute of Technology [NY] 16
Appalachian State University [NC] 32, Ithaca College [NY] 9

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