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Paul Davie Memorial Duals

Wrestling Dual Meet Event
@ South Seneca High School (Ovid, New York)
Saturday, December 21, 2019

Letchworth took home the team title at the Paul Davie Memorial Duals hosted by South Seneca. The Outstanding Wrestlers were Caleb Sweet (South Seneca lightweight), Josh Post (Newark Valley middleweight) and Cameron Carrier (Newark Valley heavyweight).

Album: General


Varsity (Level: Scholastic, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Holley-Kendall [NY], Letchworth [NY], Newark Valley [NY], North Rose-Wolcott [NY], South Seneca [NY], Waterloo [NY]
Team Standings
1. Letchworth [NY], 5-0
2. Newark Valley [NY], 3-2
Round 1
South Seneca [NY] Waterloo [NY] 
Newark Valley [NY] 46, North Rose-Wolcott [NY] 30
Letchworth [NY] 69, Holley-Kendall [NY] 9
Round 2
South Seneca [NY] 28, Newark Valley [NY] 27
North Rose-Wolcott [NY] 54, Holley-Kendall [NY] 30
Letchworth [NY] 67, Waterloo [NY] 10
Round 3
North Rose-Wolcott [NY] 45, South Seneca [NY] 36
Letchworth [NY] 54, Newark Valley [NY] 28
Round 4
South Seneca [NY] 60, Holley-Kendall [NY] 12
Letchworth [NY] 43, North Rose-Wolcott [NY] 39
Newark Valley [NY] 37, Waterloo [NY] 27
Round 5
Letchworth [NY] 51, South Seneca [NY] 30
North Rose-Wolcott [NY] 48, Waterloo [NY] 30
Newark Valley [NY] Holley-Kendall [NY] 

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