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62nd Annual Livingston Conference Wrestling Championships

Wrestling Tournament
@ Perry High School (Perry, New York)
Monday, January 15, 2018

2018 LCAA Wrestling Champions
2018 LCAA Wrestling Champions
FRONT ROW: Trey Learn (Keshequa), Mason Drew (Hornell), Cole Leitten (Perry), Devon Rehberg (Cal-Mum), Masin Schuster (Dansville), Andrew Englerth (Le Roy). MIDDLE ROW: Chase Runfola (Letchworth), Malachy Farrell (Avon-Geneseo), Dan Cook (Avon-Geneseo), Brock Conaway (Perry), Blake Wolfanger (Perry). BACK ROW: Zachary Thurston (Hornell), Nate Degroff (Warsaw), Wyatt Holley (Keshequa), Isaiah Chisom (Avon-Geneseo). BACK: Chip Day (Cal-Mum), Coach of the Year. Photo by Bob Blair.

Varsity (Level: Scholastic, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Avon-Geneseo [NY], Bath Haverling [NY], Caledonia-Mumford [NY], Dansville [NY], Hornell [NY], Keshequa [NY], Le Roy [NY], Letchworth [NY], Livonia/Wayland-Cohocton [NY], Pavilion/York [NY], Perry [NY], Warsaw [NY]
Team Final
1. Avon-Geneseo [NY]  176.5 points
2. Perry [NY]  174
3. Letchworth [NY]  131.5
Livonia/Wayland-Cohocton [NY]  131.5
5. Hornell [NY]  114
6. Le Roy [NY]  106
7. Caledonia-Mumford [NY]  96
8. Warsaw [NY]  85
9. Keshequa [NY]  74.5
10. Bath Haverling [NY]  59.5
11. Pavilion/York [NY]  50
12. Dansville [NY]  42
Award Winners
Outstanding Wrestler Award: Masin Schuster (Dansville [NY], 126 lbs)
Championship Final (1st)
99 lbs: Trey Learn (Keshequa [NY]) > Chris Shearing (Letchworth [NY]), MD 10-2
106 lbs: Mason Drew (Hornell [NY]) > Muskan Monger (Warsaw [NY]), DEC 16-10
113 lbs: Cole Leitten (Perry [NY]) > Winston Sahrle (Perry [NY]), FALL 1:46
120 lbs: Devon Rehberg (Caledonia-Mumford [NY]) > Cole Rauscher (Le Roy [NY]), DEC 6-2
126 lbs: Masin Schuster (Dansville [NY]) > Noah Royce (Warsaw [NY]), DEC 3-2
132 lbs: Andrew Englerth (Le Roy [NY]) > Dalton English (Letchworth [NY]), MD 11-2
138 lbs: Chase Runfola (Letchworth [NY]) > Jon Robinson (Avon-Geneseo [NY]), MD 13-3
145 lbs: Malachy Farrell (Avon-Geneseo [NY]) > Mason Bush (Perry [NY]), DEC 3-1
152 lbs: Dan Cook (Avon-Geneseo [NY]) > Zackary Burdick (Hornell [NY]), DEC 3-2
160 lbs: Brock Conaway (Perry [NY]) > Matthew Martusciello (Livonia/Wayland-Cohocton [NY]), TF 16-1/time?
170 lbs: Blake Wolfanger (Perry [NY]) > Ryan Damboise (Livonia/Wayland-Cohocton [NY]), DEC 3-2
182 lbs: Zachary Thurston (Hornell [NY]) > Kaiden Davis (Letchworth [NY]), FALL 3:59
195 lbs: Nate Degroff (Warsaw [NY]) > Jadyn Kurtz (Avon-Geneseo [NY]), FALL 0:44
220 lbs: Wyatt Holley (Keshequa [NY]) > Tylor Barnhart (Livonia/Wayland-Cohocton [NY]), DEC 6-2
285 lbs: Isaiah Chisom (Avon-Geneseo [NY]) > Danie Mcelwain (Caledonia-Mumford [NY]), FALL 0:55
Consolation Final (3rd)
99 lbs: Cameron Green (Le Roy [NY]) > Matthew Connor (Livonia/Wayland-Cohocton [NY]), DEC 9-3
106 lbs: Joey Brennan (Le Roy [NY]) > Isaac Crane (Caledonia-Mumford [NY]), FALL 0:59
113 lbs: Max Proskurnia (Letchworth [NY]) > Owen Lautner (Hornell [NY]), FALL 3:42
120 lbs: Tyler Uveino (Perry [NY]) > Brian Baker-Herter (Letchworth [NY]), DEC 2-1
126 lbs: Jack Sims (Caledonia-Mumford [NY]) > Nicholas Rivers (Avon-Geneseo [NY]), FALL 1:29
132 lbs: Nick Kruger (Caledonia-Mumford [NY]) > J.J. Smith (Livonia/Wayland-Cohocton [NY]), DEC 3-0
138 lbs: Daniel Baker-Herter (Letchworth [NY]) > Colton Wood (Livonia/Wayland-Cohocton [NY]), DEC 4-2
145 lbs: Dain Becker (Bath Haverling [NY]) > Anthony True (Pavilion/York [NY]), MD 11-2
152 lbs: Levi Howe (Keshequa [NY]) > Sawyer Main (Pavilion/York [NY]), FALL 0:14
160 lbs: Nick Hall (Avon-Geneseo [NY]) > Devon Rickard (Bath Haverling [NY]), FALL 4:27
170 lbs: Jason Roy (Hornell [NY]) > Joe O'neill (Pavilion/York [NY]), DEC 4-0
182 lbs: Andrew Smith (Livonia/Wayland-Cohocton [NY]) > Chad Batzel (Avon-Geneseo [NY]), DEC 1-0
195 lbs: Karam Ali (Dansville [NY]), NA 
220 lbs: Jimmy Gross (Avon-Geneseo [NY]) > Brody Brotz (Bath Haverling [NY]), FALL 0:29
285 lbs: Dakota Scott (Warsaw [NY]) > Lucas Baker (Perry [NY]), DEC 6-3
Consolation Final (5th)
99 lbs: Ethan Davis (Keshequa [NY]) > Matthew Bush (Perry [NY]), FALL 2:21
106 lbs: Connor Purdy (Warsaw [NY]) > David Brown (Livonia/Wayland-Cohocton [NY]), DEC 3-2
113 lbs: Joe Kahn (Livonia/Wayland-Cohocton [NY]), NA 
120 lbs: Adam Pickering (Bath Haverling [NY]) > Edban Watt (Caledonia-Mumford [NY]), FALL 2:13
126 lbs: Josh Englerth (Le Roy [NY]) > Kellen Bell (Perry [NY]), FALL time?
132 lbs: Owen House (Hornell [NY]) > Wyatte Barrett (Perry [NY]), FALL time?
138 lbs: Tucker True (Perry [NY]) > Brock Flint (Le Roy [NY]), DEC 7-1
145 lbs: Joye Levendusky (Avon-Geneseo [NY]) > Nathanle James (Caledonia-Mumford [NY]), FALL 2:23
152 lbs: Anthony Leitten (Le Roy [NY]) > Vincent Williams (Pavilion/York [NY]), FALL time?
160 lbs: Kaiden Williams (Letchworth [NY]) > Andrew Deebs (Hornell [NY]), MD 13-0
170 lbs: Zachary Douglas (Dansville [NY]) > Gerrit Clark (Bath Haverling [NY]), FFT 
182 lbs: Donovan Bush (Perry [NY]) > Ethan Woodward (Warsaw [NY]), FALL 1:43
220 lbs: Benjamin Kelly (Perry [NY]) > Alexander Lockwood (Hornell [NY]), FALL time?
285 lbs: Ryan Binder (Pavilion/York [NY]) > Rich Carpino (Le Roy [NY]), DEC 1-0

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