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Alexander Green and Gold Wrestling Invitational

Wrestling Tournament
@ Alexander High School (Alexander, New York)
Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Trojans
The Trojans
Alexander took home second place team honors, behind first place Rush-Henrietta, at the 2018 Alexander Green & Gold Wrestling Tournament. Provided by Coach Thomas Aldinger.

Album: General

The Trojans The Bees

Varsity (Level: Scholastic, Style: Folkstyle)
Participating Teams
Alexander [NY], Attica/Batavia [NY], Byron-Bergen [NY], Lyndonville [NY], Pembroke [NY], Perry [NY], Rush-Henrietta [NY], St. Mary's of Lancaster [NY], Warsaw [NY]
Team Final
No team scores reported.
Award Winners
Outstanding Wrestler Award (Lower Weights): Mitchell Gaiser (Alexander [NY], 113 lbs)
Outstanding Wrestler Award (Middle Weights): Nicholas Young (Alexander [NY], 132 lbs)
Outstanding Wrestler Award (Upper Weights): Blake Wolfanger (Perry [NY], 170 lbs)
99 lbs: 1. Elijah Flores (Rush-Henrietta [NY])
  2. Brandon Sweet (Rush-Henrietta [NY])
  3. Liam Regan (St. Mary's of Lancaster [NY])
106 lbs: 1. Jayden Scott (Rush-Henrietta [NY])
  2. Brian Hedding (Rush-Henrietta [NY])
  3. Muskan Monger (Warsaw [NY])
113 lbs: 1. Mitchell Gaiser (Alexander [NY])
  2. Cole Leitten (Perry [NY])
  3. Avren Cullen (Rush-Henrietta [NY])
120 lbs: 1. Chase Stinson (Lyndonville [NY])
  2. Justin Hannan (Byron-Bergen [NY])
  3. Tyler Uveino (Perry [NY])
126 lbs: 1. Eli Sims (Rush-Henrietta [NY])
  2. Noah Royce (Warsaw [NY])
  3. Tim Geoghegan (Attica/Batavia [NY])
132 lbs: 1. Nicholas Young (Alexander [NY])
  2. Chad Toal (Byron-Bergen [NY])
  3. Cliff Smith (Rush-Henrietta [NY])
138 lbs: 1. Mason Gray (Warsaw [NY])
  2. Karamvir Hothi (Rush-Henrietta [NY])
  3. Daniel Burns (Alexander [NY])
145 lbs: 1. Eddie Strzelec (Attica/Batavia [NY])
  2. Jacob Przybylski (Alexander [NY])
  3. Takari Smith (Alexander [NY])
152 lbs: 1. Jared Fregoe (Byron-Bergen [NY])
  2. Devin Felder (Rush-Henrietta [NY])
  3. Tamaree Haygood (Rush-Henrietta [NY])
160 lbs: 1. Sam Wolf (Warsaw [NY])
  2. Brock Conaway (Perry [NY])
  3. Cameron Brumsted (Byron-Bergen [NY])
170 lbs: 1. Blake Wolfanger (Perry [NY])
  2. Blake Pariso (Attica/Batavia [NY])
  3. Victor Kane (Rush-Henrietta [NY])
182 lbs: 1. Donovan Bush (Perry [NY])
  2. Jacob Jasen (Alexander [NY])
  3. Jamere Wilson (Rush-Henrietta [NY])
195 lbs: 1. Nate Degroff (Warsaw [NY])
  2. Ryan Tillich (Rush-Henrietta [NY])
  3. Ryan Neimi (Byron-Bergen [NY])
220 lbs: 1. Kyle Tillich (Rush-Henrietta [NY])
  2. Paul McDermott (Byron-Bergen [NY])
  3. Brandon Sheffer (Rush-Henrietta [NY])
285 lbs: 1. Mike Khomitch (Byron-Bergen [NY])
  2. Jared Trout (Rush-Henrietta [NY])
  3. Dakota Scott (Warsaw [NY])

Brackets (PDF)

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